Making perfume with Buyagift

December 17, 2016

I’m a little bit of a perfume obsessive, I’d much rather leave the house without makeup than a quick spritz. So when I got invited to make my own perfume by Buyagift I absolutely couldn’t turn down the opportunity. With afternoon tea thrown in as well it was shaping up to be my perfect afternoon.

Handily located at the very central Brittania Hotel in Manchester, on arrival we walked into a beautiful room where we were greeted warmly with a drink. At the front of the room we spied a table filled with tiny intriguing vials which we correctly suspected were filled with all sorts of different scents.

Getting started our master perfumer explained how we’d be making our own scent, choosing between 18 different blends. We carefully sampled each one, categorising our sampler to the left or right depending on whether it appealed or not.

At first we weren’t sure why there was a little bag of coffee beans on each table, but it turns out this was the scent equivalent of a palette cleanser. A little sniff between blends made sure our senses didn’t become confused.


A lot of testing later we were able to narrow down which blends we liked to six or seven, and then it was time to make the real decisions. We wafted our samplers in different combinations, finally settling on an overall scent we really liked.


Once chosen we filled in our little forms, highlighting exactly how we’d like I’d perfume to be made. At this point it was time to let our perfumer get to work, and we headed off for afternoon tea.


Beautifully laid out, our sandwiches, cakes and scones were perfect. Fresh and full of flavour, we certainly didn’t leave hungry!




Returning to our perfume class we found our signature scents waiting for us, boxed and ready to enjoy. Registered under our chosen names our perfumes are entirely bespoke to us.

The day was perfect from start to finish, and I’m still in love with the scent I created.


We’ve been lucky to go on a few Buyagift experiences now, enjoying a luxurious spa day at Champneys Springs and our incredible honeymoon afternoon tea at the Grosvenor hotel in London. On each one we’ve had a fantastic time, and I really can’t recommend them highly enough. With Christmas coming up you absolutely can’t go wrong browsing through their website, especially if you’re struggling to find the right gift for someone particularly difficult to buy for.

Be it a brewery tasting for two or a day’s pampering, you won’t go far wrong booking one for yourself as well….you’ll have a fantastic time and won’t regret it!