My pregnancy searches: January

My pregnancy searches: January

Edging into the third trimester I’ve started to read other bloggers pregnancy updates, cautiously taking a sneak peek into what may lie ahead. I’ve loved keeping up with Fizzy Peaches and her IVF journey, and I’ve wondered at Farmer’s Wife and Mummy’s stamina – two children and a bump, seriously what is her secret?

I wasn’t quite sure how to share my own pregnancy story, but then I remembered what might be the ultimate insight into anyone’s mind…..their search history!

Immediate insight at your fingertips, my first port of call is always Google. Everyday questions, I tap away searching through Netmums forums, blog posts and NHS guidelines for some clues.

So I thought I’d share the highlights of each month, giving a little more candid insight into how my pregnancy is progressing. January and the New Year started with 23 weeks, which seems as good a place as any to start sharing these updates.

1) Can pregnant women trampoline?

Ok, so I sort of knew the answer to this one already, but there is no harm in double checking. Turns out trampolines are not recommended for pregnant women. Case solved.

2) Where does the Anti-D injection go?

A little more embarrassing, I’d heard rumours that this injection was administered via the top of your bottom rather than your arm, and google didn’t clear this one up for me. Luckily I had a midwife appointment days later, so I double checked and arm it is. I’ve got my Anti D injection at the start of February so I’m feeling a little more clued up.

3) Can pregnant women go in Jacuzzis?

Another one where google didn’t come up with a conclusive answer, so our midwife was subject to more interrogation. We go on our babymoon next week, and a few of the hotels have jacuzzis. Not wanting to miss out, I was hoping our midwife would give me the seal of approval to jump straight in.

Turns out they are ‘Not Recommended’ and do pose some risks. That dizzy feeling you sometimes get when you step out of a jacuzzi can cause you to faint, which is best avoided for both mum and bump.

It is a personal choice, and from experience I’m sure I’ve seen other pregnant women in jacuzzis, but knowing my own intolerance for hot baths and saunas I’m going to steer clear.

4) 25 weeks and pain in my lower right side

This was a bit more of a worry, and getting up that morning I woke up with an achy pain in my right side just under my bump. Completely fine when sat down, the pain nagged at me as I got ready for work, and walked into the office.

A quick google highlighted everything from round ligament pain to a repressed kidney…eek!

While I save some questions for our midwife, luckily, I have my own midwife on call – my Mum!

A font of knowledge, I tend to plague her with my worries via whatasapp, always receiving an answer I know I can rely on…. even if I get asked questions in return most mums wouldn’t think to ask.

Does it sting when you wee? Where exactly is the pain? What kind of pain is it? Is it a sharp pain? Can you still feel baby moving?

Turns out it really was nothing to worry about, most likely a pulled muscle and fully recovered the next day. If the pain became sharp or more intense, I was under strict instructions to go to the hospital to get checked out. As my mum will tell you, you really can never be too careful.

5) Maternity dungarees with stretch

This was a little bit more embarrassing….with one thing and another I ended up in a meeting at work where I thought I’d be comfiest sat on the floor. My back had been a bit niggly and I thought the straight wall would be better for it than a dodgy office chair.

Manoeuvring down, I attempted to reach the floor in some kind of crouch squat position and then everyone in the room heard a massive rip of fabric. My maternity dungarees are made from a thick non-stretch denim and they tore along the seam right from the right knee to the crotch exposing my entire thigh….may they rest in pieces.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and it now seems obvious that every piece in my maternity wardrobe should have an element of stretch. Lesson learnt!

I’ve since invested in some black stretchy maternity dungarees from Jojo Maman Bebe, and they are so comfy! Fingers crossed they don’t suffer the same fate as my last pair…

6) What are the symptoms of heartburn

I thought I was one of the lucky few who wouldn’t suffer from heartburn in pregnancy, and having never had it before I didn’t really know what it felt like. Turns out I’m no exception and I felt this funny burning sensation in the top of my throat when I lay down to fall asleep, like I was about to be sick without feeling sick (Does that even make sense?)

A quick google and it turned out to be heartburn. Almost into the third trimester I thought I’d avoided it, but it turns out to have been a frequent fixture in my bedtime routine ever since!

Looking back my searches this month are a good mix of slightly daft questions, medical quandaries and the odd practicality here and there….hopefully helpful to anyone wondering what the fifth month of pregnancy brings!

Who knows what I’ll be searching next month…..