Pregnancy skincare with Baby Blooms

Pregnancy skincare with Baby Blooms

Without a doubt pregnancy takes its toll. While we couldn’t be more excited to meet our baby boy in a few short months, we’re both exhausted.

My trips to the loo throughout the night wake us both up, and it’s safe to say the ‘Pregnancy glow’ is proving a little elusive. Just before Christmas, months without an unbroken nights sleep really started to show, and my skin was drier than it had ever been.

A combination of pregnancy hormones and my thirties creeping ever closer, I’m more mindful than ever that now is the time to look after my skin.

Hearing from Baby Blooms just before Christmas, it came as a huge relief to find out that many women see their skin suffering throughout pregnancy, with their pre-bump products just not proving moisturising enough anymore.

Keen to embrace a new regime, over the last month I’ve been trialing their Pampering Repair Collection and their Rejuvenating Facial Moisturiser. Made from all natural ingredients, I felt secure in the knowledge that their products where completely safe for both me and baby.

Beautifully packaged the sets came in a little gift box shaped like a baby boutique. Enveloped in tissue paper I can’t imagine a mum-to-be who wouldn’t be thrilled to be treated to such a lovely delivery.


Having used the products for a few months now, I can safely say they’ve been a revelation. My skin seems to soak up the moisturisers, benefitting straight away. Particularly on my face, any tightness has completely disappeared, and my skin tone has evened out. Containing Calendula oil to calm the skin, it definitely has made a big difference.


The Repair Collection is equally impressive, and the little pot of lip rescue has a permanent place in my handbag, really helping with sore chapped lips over these chilly winter months.


On a weekly basis we’re warned that we’ll be even more exhausted when baby arrives, so it’s safe to say I’ll be using my Baby Blooms products for the foreseeable future. With a few more weeks use I might even develop this fabled ‘Pregnancy Glow’ everyone talks about…

As well as skincare products Baby Blooms also have a wide range of gifts for mums and babies, with everything from beautiful personalised blankets to stylish folders for maternity notes. Well worth a look for new arrivals coming up for 2017.