Tiling for the first time: An easy drawer upcycle

January 11, 2017

Confession time, I’m an eBay addict! There isn’t a room in our house which isn’t home to some kind of collection only piece of bargain furniture, saving us an absolute fortune furnishing our home.

With our first baby on the way storage is at an absolute premium, so when I spotted a quirky set of drawers well in need of a makeover I couldn’t resist. Thankfully they just about fitted in the back of our car….

Painted in grey gloss, with old tiles cracked and falling off, the damage was really just cosmetic. Removing the old tiles couldn’t have been easier, with half of them having already fallen off on the journey home anyway.



Turning to our trusty Rustoleum Chalk Paint, the piece was quickly given a facelift with their beautiful Winter Grey. A firm favourite we’ve also used this shade in our guest room makeover, and on our shabby to chic drawer upcycle. Covering the previous paint job in just one coat, my husband had the drawers dry and ready for the next step in just a few hours.


Having never tiled before I was a little bit hesitant, thinking it was a really difficult job and that we’d be fiddling around for hours. Thankfully Tile Trader had got in touch a few weeks beforehand offering some of their beautiful tiles to review. Casting our worries aside, we were confident that we were off to a great start with fantastic quality products to work with.

Continuing my obsession with lighter palettes, we opted to try out their Country Grey Wall Tiles, alongside cream grout. As soon as they arrived I knew we’d made the right choice, the perfect balance of contemporary and country cottage style… it was time to get tiling!

Easier than I’d ever imagined, we mixed the grout and spread a layer over the top of the drawers. Then it was as simple as just popping the tiles in place. We decided to opt for an easy row by row pattern for this project, but spurred on with this success we’d definitely have a go at something more complicated in future.



We then grouted over the top of the tiles, filling in the spaces between them. We then left the grout to dry, putting our feet up for a few hours. Having blocked out the whole afternoon for tiling we suddenly had plenty of time on our hands!


Once dry we simply scrubbed the tiles clean with a damp cloth, and the project was finished. In the coming weeks we’ll scrub off the paint spilt on the handles, but that can wait for another day.



All in all this has to be one of the easiest upcycles we’ve done, giving a piece of furniture that had certainly seen better days a complete face-lift. With a new lease of life it’s certainly not been short of admirers, and with several spacious drawers we’ve now got plenty more room for all the baby paraphernalia that is inevitably going to fill our house.

Anyone considering a tiling project and wondering if you’ll need to hire some help… don’t! It’s so easy, when we eventually get round to renovating our bathroom we’ll definitely be doing the tiling ourselves.