Carry caddies: A quick, easy, budget friendly craft

February 15, 2017

It’s not unusual for me to the run up the stairs to grab a few things, and come back with only half of what I needed. While the repeat trips are helping me to keep fit, it’s perhaps not going to be the best strategy for when baby arrives and we’re stretched to the limit from sleep deprivation.

In a bid to get organised I hit upon a plan after seeing these Carry Caddies from Great Little Trading Company. Just the job for keeping baby paraphernalia in order, we could use one for nappy changing bits and bobs, and a second for bath products.

Unfortunately, with so many things to buy over the next few months, they weren’t such a good fit for our bank balance.

Already in love with the idea of them and their promise of organised tidiness I decided to re-create them on a budget. Saving rather than splurging.

A quick browse and I found these wooden bottle holders online via Hobbycraft for just £6.50 each, and then popped a couple of oval plaques in the basket for £1.70 each. As it was my first online order I also got 15% off for joining the ‘Hobbycraft club’…bargain!

As the lovely people at Rustoleum had sent me some of their painters touch spray paint to try out, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to give it a go.

Available in forty-two colours, the stone grey shade is a perfect match for the colour scheme we’ve worked into our babies nursery. A little darker than the Rustoleum chalk paint we’ve used to makeover our furniture, we opted for a satin finish.

With no prep needed, I laid some newspaper on our patio and got to work. Having never used spray paint before I wasn’t sure how easy it would be, but a minute later the caddy was covered in its first coat. After an hours drying time, I did a quick second coat and the job was done and just needed to dry.

rustoleum 2

rustoleum 3

I’d decided to turn the little plaques into mini chalkboards, and followed much the same process, using Rustoleum’s chalkboard spray paint this time. Just as easy, they were ready to go in a couple of hours, and ready to be written on.

rustoleum 4

As chalkboards, we’ll be able to swap their use as our little boy grows older. While these caddies will be perfect for carrying nappy changing bits and bobs when he arrives in a few months, a couple of years down the line we might be using them to tidy away books or toys cars instead. A quick wipe of the chalkboard, and their use can be changed in seconds.

rustoleum 5

Last but not least, it was just a matter of gluing the chalkboards to the bottle holders with a little PVA. Once dry, they were ready to be filled and put to good use.

rustoleum 6

You can see how we’ve filled them both…

Our baby bath-time caddy
Our nappy changing caddy

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