Hey Baby: Holding onto memories with Illustries

February 22, 2017

Growing up I used to love flicking through my baby-book, looking at the notes my parents had made, comparing my growing wrists to the tiny baby hospital bands that they’d kept safe for me. Every detail is a record of the past, safeguarding memories that may otherwise have easily been forgotten.

We want to do the same for our baby, making sure he has something similar to look back on, sharing the memories we’ve made throughout pregnancy and all the way up to his first birthday. We didn’t want something fussy or kitsch, so when Illustries got in touch we were really happy to be offered a closer look at their Baby Journal and Record Book.

Image 2

Available in a range of colours, we opted for their new white edition. Beautifully simple, the design is pared back, allowing your pictures and comments to speak for themselves.

Image 1

So far, the book has prompted us to look back for dates we hadn’t even thought to keep a record of, the date of his first kick, different names we were considering and the date my bump started to show. Luckily we’ve had a look through our diaries and managed to pin-point the significant dates we were missing, and we’ve now got a record of those happy moments to fondly look back on.

As well as dates that have already happened, there are also prompts for details yet to come. Alongside his date and time of birth, there is space to record when my contractions started, and the date and time we arrive home together. Easy to forget in all the excitement, I’ll be making a mental note of everything we’ve yet to fill in, so hopefully nothing will pass us by.

Image 3

As well as records of times and dates, there is plenty of space left blank to fill in with memories and photos. We’ve added in a postcard from our recent babymoon, as well as a snapshot from our pregnancy announcement. There are also pages ready and waiting for notes from friends and family, acting as a guest book for those coming to meet him for the first time.

image 4

We couldn’t ask for a more beautiful baby book to fill in, and look back through in years to come. The baby journal continues up to his first birthday, but Illustries also have a ‘Family Album Memories Book’ which looks like a great way to keep tabs on time as it flies by beyond the initial year.

Image 5

With a very social couple of months ahead, we’ve only got two weekends where we’ve got time to spend time together as a couple. I can’t wait to spend a cosy evening in, looking through our baby journal, making sure we’ve completed everything we can, looking forward to filling in the boxes yet to come.