Los Banditos, Boldmere

February 20, 2017

A little change in geography, my parents are based in Sutton Coldfield (Near Birmingham) so every so often we eat out in restaurants away from our normal North-West haunts.

The high street in Boldmere has undergone a lot of changes in recent years, and now boasts a deli, coffee shops and a wider selection of restaurants. One of those new additions, Los Banditos is the first Mexican restaurant to join the line-up.

Really busy on a Saturday, we rang to book a table for two on the day and were only offered a table at four. If you want to eat any later you’d definitely need to be more organised and ring up in advance.

On arrival we were seated in raised booth type seating. Not particularly comfy, looking around there wasn’t much choice for couples eating on their own, with just one normal table for two on offer (That was already filled.) Normally this wouldn’t bother me, but with bump to contend with the seating became quite uncomfortable quite quickly, impacting a little on the enjoyment of our meal.

The starters were fantastic. We shared chicken wings and nachos, and the food was vibrant and tasty. The chicken wings were coated in sticky spicy sauce, my husband is a fan of chicken wings and he described these as the best he’s had in a while. The Nachos themselves were freshly made, with generous toppings full of flavour.

starters los banditos boldmere


The mains suffered in comparison to the starters, and weren’t quite so impressive. We opted for a burrito and a Mexican take on a tortilla wrapper burger, sharing the two between us. The flavours seemed to merge into one, and became a bit samey quite quickly. If we were to return, we’d probably skip mains altogether and order several starters as a kind of ‘Mexican Tapas’


mains, mexican burger

Clearly suffering from being under-staffed, the waitresses were doing their best but service was slow. We weren’t in any rush so this wasn’t a problem, but it isn’t all that pleasant to be left with dirty plates for almost half an hour. Most frustratingly the manager walked past empty handed on several occasions, not taking the opportunity to lend a hand where he could. On one occasion he even interrupted a waitress speaking to us, telling her to go to the kitchen for fresh cutlery- it’s easy to see why they are short staffed if this is how the waiting staff are treated.

Overall the waitresses were friendly, engaging and we could see they were fantastic with the children eating in the restaurant, talking about their food with them and surprising them with sweets at the end of the meal. With an extra pair of hands, and more considerate management, Los Banditos has the potential to be a firm favourite with local families. It’s nice to see something different pop up, and we’d recommend a visit for the starters alone…I also hear the cocktails are something special, so we’ll be back to try them once baby arrives.