Our baby bath-time caddy

February 15, 2017

I’m a big fan of keeping everything tidy and in one place, so creating these carry caddies for our baby paraphernalia was a great solution to add a little order into our baby preparations.

A bath rather than a shower person myself, I can’t imagine our little boy won’t be a fan of the tub, so a dedicated bath time caddy was called for.

Not really knowing where to start with baby bath products, we knew we were in good hands when Johnsons Baby asked if we’d like to be sent their new ‘Top-to-Toe’ range. Clinically proven to be as mild as water on newborn skin, the range is specially formulated for babies 0-6 months.

bath-time -1

Including everything from washcloths to baby bath, the range can be used from the first day we bring our baby boy home.

As well as bath products, the range also includes baby massage oil and lotion. A great way of bonding with our baby, we’ve also heard that baby massage is also a great way to build up a bedtime routine, hopefully helping him drop off to sleep.

While we’re not naïve enough to think he’ll be sleeping through the night straightaway, we’re hoping it’s a case of every little helps….fingers crossed!

We’ve got a baby bath on hand for the first few months, so we’ll be able to carry our caddy with us wherever the tub takes us.

bath time 3

With our caddy full we’re just about ready for bath time when baby arrives, the only thing we’re missing is a rubber duck!

You can see how we made our caddies here, or have a look at how we’re filling our nappy caddy here.