My pregnancy searches: March

March 29, 2017

Unbelievably another month has passed already, and we’re four weeks closer to meeting our baby boy. Time seems to be flying by, and we’re now well into the third trimester reaching the 35-week mark.

It’s not out of the question that our baby could have arrived by this time next month, and with my bump getting bigger by the day the prospect is quite appealing. I’m convinced being so uncomfortable must be nature’s way of making giving birth that little bit less scary, the thought of staying heavily pregnant indefinitely is much more frightening.

This month has been no different any other, and here is a run-down of the pregnancy searches I’ve inflicted on Google over the last few weeks…

How much should baby move at 33 weeks?

This was a bit of scary one. We had a busy weekend, and coming back on Sunday night I realised I hadn’t felt baby moving in quite the same way as he had over the last few weeks. We’d got in a bit of a routine, and while there were a few kicks here and there he just wasn’t as active.

Wide awake and too worried to sleep, at four in the morning I turned to the Count the Kicks website for some guidance. Really helpful, it confirmed a trip to the hospital was the best course of action.
First thing in the morning, as soon as our alarm went off, I rang the triage unit at our maternity unit who said to come straight in so they could monitor our baby.

For anyone who hasn’t been monitored, two elastic straps go round your bump, with a sensor pad that picks up the heartbeat and consequently any movement. As soon as it was popped on baby deciding to spring into action, even kicking away the sensor at one point. It turns out he had just been having a lazy day, with no explanation for the reduced movement.

Feeling hugely relieved, but a bit embarrassed, the midwife told us that without a doubt we’d done the right thing coming in and double checking. Taking a wait and see approach is too risky where movement is concerned, it’s always worth making sure everything is as it should be

Coming away from the hospital we both agreed that we are incredibly lucky to have the NHS, feeling all the more confident that we are in safe hands for our baby’s birth.

What should I pack in my hospital bag and when?

As I’ve mentioned my mum is a midwife, so while I’ve noted down some ideas, I’ve double checked what I should be packing with her as well. Turns it’s not just any old overnight bag, and there was so much more to pack that I’d originally thought.

The start of maternity leave seems like a good time to have my hospital bag packed, so once I’ve finished packing over the next week it’ll be ready and waiting in our bedroom.

What do I use to wash new-born clothes?

There seems to be a little debate around whether new baby clothes need to be washed or not, but we’ve decided to err on the side of caution. I had sensitive skin as a child, which thankfully I grew out of, so there is a chance our baby could be the same.

I can never remember which way round it is, hence the search, but non-bio is best for sensitive skin. We went for capsules just so we know we’re using the right amount in every wash.

The closer we get to our due date, the more I start to feel in the swing of pregnancy. I no longer seem to search what I can and can’t eat, and what I do look-up seems to be more birth and baby orientated.

With my maternity leave starting at the end of this week, I’m looking forward to plenty of rest. Sitting at a desk is becoming quite awkward and uncomfortable, and I’ve been struggling with a very achy back. Getting up for the loo throughout the night is making me tired throughout the day, so I’ll be making the most of every opportunity to catch up on some sleep before baby arrives.

Excited to see what the next four weeks bring, I’ll check in with another update in another month.