The smart home of the future, today

March 15, 2017

Getting our home up to scratch has been very much on the agenda over the last few months, we’ve finished our nursery-guest room hybrid and tweaked our kitchen so it’s baby ready. While we have a few long-term projects in mind, such as our attic conversion, we’re happy that our home is fairly finished and we’re ready for our new addition.

Not to say there won’t be a few more accessories added here and there… contrary to my husband’s opinion, you really can never have too many cushions or candles.

While décor is an on-going process for me, I tend be a little stuck in my ways when it comes to tech. I rarely consider any improvements we could make, paying very little interest at all.

So, you can imagine my surprise when during a long journey home, I said how fantastic it would be to switch on a kettle remotely so it was ready boiled when we get home, only to be told it was entirely possible (and had been for years)


Turns out I’ve been living in a bubble, and that the smart home concept no longer means just monitoring energy usage. As well as turning appliances on and off remotely, you can increase home security by setting movement sending alarms and monitor your pets while out without them.

That’s probably just scratching the surface, and with a range of kits available through brands like Smarthome Panasonic, the smart home of the future is actually available today.

After years of saying I didn’t want one, I gave in to having a TV in our bedroom, and throughout my pregnancy when I’m feeling weary it’s been an absolute god send. With that turn-around in mind, I’ve never been more tempted to embrace technology, turning our traditional cottage into a smart home complete with mod cons.

Is it wrong that I’d really like one so I can switch lights on and off without getting up?