#TrendsdayWednesday: Brush Lettering

March 1, 2017

Featured Image: Bring me coffee pillowcase from Old English Company

I had hoped this wouldn’t happen quite so quickly, but my interiors features seem to have fallen a little by the wayside in favour of baby related content. While that’s no bad thing, and certainly reflects our lives, I don’t want to lose that focus as it’s a subject I love to write about.

To remedy this, I thought I’d pick my #TrendsdayWednesday series again, starting with brush lettering. I’ve honed in on wall-art before, featuring a little of this trend, but there is certainly more to talk about.

Brush lettering is a beautiful craft, showing off hand lettering and calligraphy, often featured in stunning minimalist stationary and wall-art, sometimes even on fabric. A skill I am not even close to acquiring (Handwriting is my nemesis, I’m left handed) that doesn’t stop me appreciating the technique of others.

A trend suited to any room, it’s a great way to add in a few personal touches and make your home your own. Budget friendly, a lovely piece can even leave you plenty of change from £10, especially if you frame a card featuring a design you love.

Spoilt for choice for this trend, following a quick browse I’ve narrowed down a few of my favourites, currently available to spend your pennies on…

Brush lettering interior products
Fern wreath Congratulations Card | Gin to my Tonic Print | Personalised Mrs Make-Up Bag

Often full of humour, and easily personalised, brush lettering makes for an eye-catching addition to any interior. Whether you have a small country cottage like ours, or a more contemporary property, you’ll be sure to find your perfect piece. Ideal for renters, it’s an easy way to put your stamp on a room when decorating and DIY isn’t an option.

Pieces featuring brush lettering are only increasing in popularity, so it’s safe to say this is a trend which won’t date any time soon.

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