Getting our bedroom ready with Chicco Next2Me

April 20, 2017

I’m into my third week of maternity leave, and I’ve been powering through my to-do-list. Top of the list was to sort out the nursery and our bedroom.

After a few productive days, our baby’s clothes are all washed and dried, neatly popped away in his drawers. We’ve also packed his hospital bag, and mine is just about ready. The nursery is finally looking a little more ship-shape, with everything tidied away (For now at least)

While our nursery is ready and waiting, he won’t be sleeping in there until he is a little older. As with most parenting hot topics, opinion conflicts as to when they should move into their own room, but official guidelines state that babies should be kept in their parent’s room for at least the first six months. With that in mind, we’ve had a re-jig of our bedroom.

We’ve taken the opportunity to clear out drawers and get organised, streamlining where at all possible. We’ve lived in our cottage for just a year, but somehow we’ve managed to fill our drawers with clutter.

Once we’d had a good tidy up, it was time to move in all our baby bits and pieces. Top of the list was the Chicco Next2Me Bedside Crib that we’ve very kindly been sent to try out.

Designed to allow you to sleep next to baby without actually sharing the same bed, friends and family have all said how wonderful side sleepers are for the first few months.

Thanks to the crib our baby will be safe and secure, while being conveniently close by for breastfeeding and comforting. We have the option to fold down the side closest to our bed, for even easier access.

Strapped closely to our bed, the crib feels completely secure. The crib also features net windows which allow for extra air circulation.

As if that wasn’t enough perks, the Next2Me is also really travel friendly. It folds down easily, and even comes with a bag so it can be packed away and popped in the car. Hopefully this will mean our baby boy will settle a little easier when we’re away from home, enjoying the familiarity of being in his own bed wherever he goes.

Our Next2me came with a padded mattress, and we easily found fitted sheets to cover it. We opted for a lovely light blue, matching the décor in our bedroom.

We have a sleeping bag ready for our baby to wear at night, but we’ve also got a blanket on hand to keep him cosy when it’s a little chillier. We’ll be using the recommended “Feet to foot” position, ensuring his feet are at the end of the crib so he can’t wiggle down, making sure blankets don’t come up any higher than his shoulders.

The gorgeous crochet dog is from Amara. I love his traditional design, as well as being beautifully crafted and made to last.

Also a new addition to our home, Ewan the Dream Sheep will be kept close to hand for naps and bedtimes. Playing womb and heartbeat recordings, he comes highly recommended, hopefully helping baby to settle to sleep a little easier.

With the addition of our baby monitor, our bedroom is ready for our baby to arrive in person, and we really can’t wait! Hopefully not too much longer now…