My maternity leave to-do-list

April 10, 2017

Mentally I’ve split my maternity leave in two, before baby and after baby. While I’m not sure how long the former will last, I’m hoping to stay productive with a little bit of a routine to my days. Being at a loose end isn’t my cup of tea, so I’m hoping keeping busy will stop any impatience from setting in.

Over the last couple of months work has left me feeling completely drained, and naturally my to-do-list has mounted up a little. While I have the chance, I’m hoping to power through it, keeping at least my first couple of weeks of maternity leave fairly productive.

– Get our nursery a little more organised

It was inevitable, but as our due date has crept closer we’ve accumulated more and more baby paraphernalia. Short on time, most of it has remained boxed, or we’ve taken a quick look and deferred working out how it actually works. Our sling has so far remained an enigma, so hopefully that mystery will unfold!

While we’ve washed a few bits and pieces for our hospital bag, we have drawers full of jumbled up clothes that need a bit of TLC. Mostly hand-me-downs, we’ll need to work out what we’ve got and organise them into size order. We’ll also be freshening up blankets, sleeping bags, sheets etc. so everything is ready for his arrival.

– Get our room ready

We’ve very kindly been sent a Chicco Next to me to try out, which will be an absolute god send for the first six months. Friends and family have said how wonderful they are, so we’re excited to give one a go.

However, it’s going to require a little bit of a room re-jig to fit it in, with some furniture having to find a new home. While I won’t be doing any of the heavy lifting myself, it makes sense to have a bit of a clear-out, sorting out the wardrobes and cupboards that we’re currently struggling to close.

– A drawer amnesty

We’ve lived in our cottage a year next month, and in that short time every room has a cluttered drawer, full of things without a home but too useful to throw out.

Taking inspiration from one of my favourite books, Marie Kondo’s life magic changing of tidying, I’ll be having a good sort so the space we do have is put to good use.

The same goes for our kitchen cupboards. It’s not unusual for something to fly out when they’re opened, so if only for health and safety reasons they need some attention.

– Get plenty of rest

It seems strange to plan in doing nothing, but time easily slips by. As our due date approaches (and perhaps even passes) time might drag, but I’m sure when baby is here I’ll wonder where the time went.

Over the last few months as my bump has got bigger, at the end of the day I’ve been jumping in the bath to ease my achy back. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m well-aware that when baby arrives my long relaxing baths will become far less frequent, so I’m taking every opportunity for a soak while I can.

Almost anticipating this plan, Baby Blooms sent me this gorgeous Mother and Baby bath time set to enjoy. Beautiful fluffy towels for both mum and baby, the set includes specially formulated bubble bath for each of us, and a really cute rubber duck.

The ingredients in my bath soak are safe for both before and after birth, which can’t be said for all bath products. Some oils can induce labour a little too soon, so it’s always worth double checking.

As with the baby blooms skincare, the bath set came in gorgeous packaging, perfect if you’re looking for a lovely gift for mum and baby.

Sometimes I have to remind myself to take it easy, so I’m going to make sure at least a couple of hours a day are set aside for a little pampering.

– Sorting out this blog

While I’m not going to go crazy and do anything drastic like change the design (I did that once, it was a long night!), there is quite a lot of admin that have fallen by the way side. By doing a little bit everyday I’m hoping to be more organised ahead of baby’s arrival.

All in all, I think I’ve got enough on the go to keep myself occupied. I’m going to see how it goes and try and get into a little routine each day, as I’m sure sitting around waiting won’t make baby arrive any sooner…