What is in our baby hospital bag?

What is in our baby hospital bag?

While I’ve still got a few bits and pieces to pop in my hospital bag, I’m almost sure we’ve packed everything our baby will need. With a lot of help from my midwife mum, our changing bag is packed and ready to go.

Thankfully we’ve just had a sunny weekend, so everything that needed a wash could be popped on the line outside and was dry in a matter of hours. I’ll be washing all his clothes for the first three months over the next couple of weeks, so I just had these few bits and pieces to do.

If anything, we might have over-packed, but I’d rather take too much than be missing something we might need.

So here’s a run down of what we’re taking with us –

– Newborn nappies
– Water Wipes
– Cotton Wool
– Muslins x 4

We’ve opted for Asda’s Little Angels Newborn Nappies. As well as their time-to-change wetness indicator, they also feature a scoop on the waistband to help prevent umbilical irritation. Just a couple of pounds for a pack of 44, Asda also support Tommy’s Funding research, helping the charity to continue the amazing work they do.


– Newborn sleepsuits x 3
– Newborn vests x 3
– 0-3month sleepsuits x 3
– 0-3 month vests x 3
– Hats x 2
– A pair of scratch mitts
– 0-3 month knitted jacket

More than likely, this is where we’ve gone a little over the top, but without knowing how big or small baby is going to be it’s hard to pinpoint what size of clothes we’ll need.

Luckily, we’ve been given a few hand-me-downs, so we haven’t had to part with any money for the smaller new-born sizes that we may never use. Where possible we’ve also bought sleepsuits that have the fold down scratch-mitts sewn into the sleeves, which should hopefully make life a little easier.

We’ve also packed-

– A couple of soft toys
– This gorgeous personalised knitted blanket from Baby Blooms

While I’m sure he won’t be all that interested, we’ve packed a couple of soft toys that were bought for him at particular pregnancy benchmarks. The little dog was bought for him after our private 16-week scan, when we found out that we were expecting a boy. It seems such a long time ago now!

The other dog/rabbit (We’re not all that such which, it’s the root of some debate) was bought for him by my parents at Christmas. Our last Christmas as a couple, it was so lovely having a present waiting for him under the tree, even if it was us opening it on his behalf.

Apparently, you can never have enough blankets to hand, and this one from Baby Blooms is that little bit more special. A beautiful soft knit, our babies name has been embroidered on, ready and waiting for him when he arrives.

We’ve decided to keep his name to ourselves until he arrives. We love the one we’ve chosen and have no intention of swapping it, but it’s nice to look forward to sharing it with everyone when he is here safe and sound.

A few months ago, I tried out the Baby blooms skincare range, and couldn’t have been more impressed. The standard for our blanket delivery was just as high, presented in a lovely box, and wrapped in tissue paper.

Popped in the wash along with the clothes, the blanket is still as good as new. Definitely not a case of style over substance, and made to last. With a huge selection of gifts to choose from, a quick scout on the Baby Blooms website and you’re bound to find the perfect present for any friends and family with a baby on the way. We’ve also been sent a gorgeous bath time kit which has made my maternity leave all the more relaxing.

Washing and packing for our baby felt a little bit surreal, hitting home that his arrival is imminent. Seeing his little outfits and blankets hanging on the line outside felt like a bit of a milestone, we’re so excited to meet him and not long to go now!