Introducing our baby boy

May 26, 2017

What a whirlwind this month has been! It doesn’t seem like minutes since I wrote about setting up the Next2Me, and now just over five weeks later our baby boy is fast asleep in it.

Arriving on the 27th April, our baby boy came a week earlier than expected but perfect in every way. Named Harry, he has a ferocious appetite but settles fairly easily…. just not always for very long.

A month old this Sunday, we’re just about in the swing of things, and starting to feel a little more human. We’ve been out and about a few times, and have loved introducing our little boy to family and friends.

Changing so quickly, looking back at photos from just a couple of weeks ago we can see how different he is from the tiny new-born he once was.

We feel so lucky to have him here safe and sound, and can’t wait to see what life has in store for the three of us.