Our baby’s two month update

Our baby’s two month update

Unbelievably our baby boy is now two months old, and the weeks have flown by. He brings us so much happiness, and we feel truly lucky to be his parents.

Over the last four weeks we’ve definitely become more in the swing of things, enjoying trips out and spending time together as a family. Looking back at last months update we can really see how he has grown and changed.

Our baby boy’s little character is shining through, and he becomes more and more aware of the world around him with each passing day. His smiles are becoming more frequent, and he is starting to engage with everyone around him, his toys and even our two pups.

He’ll happily spend almost an hour on his playmat, gurgling away to the toys hanging above him, giving me time to get a few jobs done around the house. More recently, he’s even treated us to a seven-hour sleep stint…hopefully to be repeated sometime soon.

While there have been so many highlights this month, a real low has been struggling with colic. Helplessly seeing him in pain has been truly horrible, but thankfully (Fingers crossed) we’ve found a few tactics that seem to be reducing the amount and length of the bouts.

The next month is bound to be eventful, as we’re going on our first family holiday together. Luckily, we’re staying at the same place we visited last year, so we know exactly where we are and what will be there waiting for us.

I imagine I’ll be saying this every update, but we’re so excited to see what the next month brings!