3 tips to help keep your baby cool

3 tips to help keep your baby cool

Our little boy arrived late April, and having a summer baby is lovely. With bad weather few and far between, we’re out and about with the pram enjoying warm days in the sun. However, over the last week the temperature has hit the late twenties and become uncomfortably hot.

While we can handle the heat, our baby is struggling, getting increasingly grumpy and uncomfortable as the day goes on. With that in mind, we’ve been researching ways to help him keep cool, hoping to make this heatwave a little more bearable for us all.

As a first time mum I was keen to gain advice from those a little more experienced than me, and found the twitter community a valuable source of expertise…

Bearing in mind all the advice we’ve had, from family and friends as well, I’ve come up with three tips that seem to be working for us…

Strip them off

Minimal clothing seems to be the way forward, stripping baby down to just a vest. We’ve found that a wet nappy seems to make our baby boy particularly irritable, so we’ve been changing him as often as possible, even keeping his nappy off to let him properly cool down.

Rather than blankets, when we’ve been out the house we’ve kept his bare legs covered with a light muslin. We’ve cover him in Factor 50 Sun Cream, so this is more to be doubly careful to avoid sunburn than to keep him warm.

Night is a little more difficult, as the temperature can drop, leaving baby a little chilly. This graphic shared by @thecheshirewife is ideal for making sure your little one is ready for bed whatever the temperature.

Keep them in the shade

Not so easy when you’re out and about, its crucial to make sure baby is kept in the shade as much as possible. When on the move we found that a pram parasol was a bit of a faff, so instead we’ve been using this shade canopy that ties around the pram. It works for a carrycot, pushchair or car seat, so we’ll be able to continue using it as he gets older.

In the car we found the usual window shades didn’t fit well, as our car window is a slanted shape. After struggling for a while my husband found these mesh sun shades, which stretch over the window. They work fantastically, and even keep the car perfectly cool.

At home, we find our bedroom is still warm at the end of the day, and that the temperature is well above the recommended 16-20 degrees. A little worried, we asked our health visitor what to do, who advised keeping our bedroom curtains shut throughout the day. Doing so seems to have made a big difference.

We’re currently planning a loft conversion, and I wondered how parents with velux windows would achieve the same effect without curtains. While a second baby isn’t on the agenda for quite some time, I’m mindful that I wouldn’t want him or her sleeping in a stuffy hot attic room. Thankfully a quick search has put me at ease, with sunscreen blinds available from retailers like roofwindows.co.uk. The blind diffuses incoming light, preventing the room from overheating.

Get in the bath

A quick dip is the perfect way to relieve that hot, sticky and bothered feeling, and is a great way to pass the time if you’ve got a particularly grumpy baby.

Our little boy is the ultimate water baby, and a bath has always been ideal for cheering him up. He is too little for a paddling pool in the garden, but I can just imagine that this time next year he’ll absolutely love spending an afternoon splashing away in one.

As mentioned in the tweet above, Jennie Edspire has written a fantastic article ‘10 Tips For Keeping Kids Cool in a Heatwave’ full of ideas for children of all ages. I’d really recommend a read for hot weather inspiration.