Father’s Day for Sleep Deprived Dads

June 12, 2017

This weekend our baby boy will be seven and a half weeks old. Nearly a couple of months in we’re a little more in the swing of things, edging into some semblance of a routine. While we’re not quite as sleep deprived as we were in the first few weeks, it’s safe to say we’re quite some time away from a full night’s kip.

With Father’s Day coming up I wanted to treat my husband to something a little more special than socks. Hands on, he’s looked after both me and baby, coping incredibly well during the difficult first few newborn weeks.

Very kindly Amara offered to help our little boy out with his Father’s Day gift giving. Retailing everything from beautiful homeware to quirky gifts, you’ll be able to find the perfect present for even the most difficult of dads.

Understandably caffeine features heavily in our lives at the moment, and with that in mind there could be no better gift for my husband than a coffee machine. With plenty of choice at Amara, we opted for their Dualit Lusso coffee machine.

Slimline, it doesn’t take up too much room in our kitchen, especially in comparison to bulkier models that do the same job. Compatible with both Nespresso and Dualit pods, there are plenty of capsule variations to choose from.

While my husband prefers an Espresso or an Americano, I much prefer a milkier brew. Fortunately, our coffee machine came complete with a Dualit Milk frother, making sure that our lovely coffee machine benefits me as much as my husband. I missed Mother’s Day by a month, so it only seems right that I enjoy a few Father’s Day perks too.

To ensure my Husband enjoys his espressos in style, we also received a pair of beautifully minimalist cups and saucers. Tiny but detailed, they have a subtle mottled pattern that makes them that little bit more special.

Our baby boy seems to be growing up so quickly, so last but not least I picked a few of my husband’s favourite newborn photos to frame. When we’re up and about trying to settle our little boy, it’s nice to have a reminder that however long it takes, once he is asleep he’ll be quiet and peaceful.

I’ve recently developed a little bit of an obsession with glass frames, and this Rose Gold number is definitely the perfect addition to our windowsill.

Where gift-giving is concerned Amara really do have something for everyone, and you can’t go far wrong choosing from their extensive range.

I’m determined that however tired we are, that my husband’s first Father’s day will be special… thanks to Amara we now stand a chance of being a little more awake to enjoy it!