Getting our garden ready for BBQ week

June 1, 2017

Unbelievably, it’s been almost a full year since we started work on our garden. A hefty project, we hired tree surgeons and landscapers, removing large light blocking trees to really make the most of the space we have.

Had the job been a little smaller, we could perhaps removed the trees ourselves with some tools from Radmore & Tucker, but as complete garden newbies we decided to hire some help.

A year later we’re reaping the rewards of our hard work, and as amateur gardeners it’s come as a bit of a surprise to see some of our plants have survived the winter, even blooming again as the sun makes as appearance.

With the arrival of our baby boy ,the last few weeks have been a bit of a blur. However, in that time we’ve snatched a few hours here and there to add a few extra bits and pieces to our garden.

We’ve spruced up our pots, done some weeding, added in a dining set and a little lighting to make the evenings all the more pleasant.

Very kindly sent by NOMA garden art, these solar lights have really brought out the best in our garden, highlighting features as the sun goes down.

We’ve added strings of solar lanterns to our trellis planters, which will look all the more lovely as our sweet peas become more established.

The starry nights spotlight has also had many admirers, casting a beautiful effect across our patio.

Warm and dry summer nights can be all too fleeting in the UK, but whatever the weather our lights magically flick on. Making even the rainiest evening look a little prettier.

Luckily to ensure we can celebrate BBQ week, the sun has been shining, and while baby has been napping we’ve been enjoying our garden.

Challenged by Zeek, an innovative marketplace app for selling and buying gift vouchers, we invited friends round to enjoy the sunshine with us. Buying a new BBQ after purchasing an Argos voucher from Zeek at a discounted rate, we certainly got more for our money.

So easy, we just browsed the vouchers they had available, deciding where we wanted to buy our BBQ from. On average they are discounted by 10%, which really mounts up if you’re buying a high value voucher. As well as buying you can also sell unwanted vouchers, bound to come in particularly handy round Christmas time!

New to gardening, we’re learning that upkeep doesn’t have to be a drain on time, and that little and often every so often really does keep everything looking lovely.

We’re ready to enjoy our garden, fingers crossed that the sunny weather continues!