How to burn a candle

July 17, 2017

Obviously, this doesn’t sound like the most difficult task in the world…strike match, light candle, blow out when finished, done. However, recently I’ve been made aware that there is actually good candle etiquette to follow, that will make them last all the longer.

Informed by artisan candle producers Nolattie, I’ve been following their advice to make the most of our candles.

First of all, you must first trim the wick to 1cm before lighting, so far so simple. On the first burn the candle should be lit for three hours. From then on, they should be burnt for between two to four hours.

The reason being, is that candles have a form of memory. If you don’t allow them to burn for long enough, and reach the sides of the glass on the first burn, then they will only ever burn to that first ring. This is why candles can hollow out creating a tunnel effect, ending up in the bin with the wick burnt down but well over half the wax left.

Following their suggested steps makes perfect sense, and hopefully means my candles will last longer and less will be wasted. The only question I had was would their candles be as good as their advice?

Very kindly, Nolattie sent my their Lemon Grove candle to sample.

Described as a zesty summer fragrance, the candle boasts top notes of zingy lemon and spicy clove with a fresh green heart and earthy base of oakmoss. Once lit the scent of the candle filled the room, with its simple design looking lovely on our log burner next to a jar of sweet peas.

It’s safe to say that their candles are definitely as good as their advice. Definitely my new favourite candle, I’ll be following their etiquette guidelines to make sure I can enjoy it for as long as possible.