Our Family Diary: Project Pantry

Our Family Diary: Project Pantry

As everyone warned us, the weeks are absolutely flying by, and unbelievably Harry will turn twelve weeks old in a matter of days. Back from our holidays we’ve settled back into everyday life, starting to build some semblance of a routine.

With the last few months a bit of a blur, I thought I’d keep a little more of a log to chronicle what we get up to each week.

At Home

We’ve spent a few mornings this week turning our pantry from a disaster zone into something much tidier. It’s been well worth the effort and I’ll have a post coming up soon showing what a big difference more storage has made.

I’ll also be sharing some particularly embarrassing before pictures… think extreme hoarders and you won’t be far off.

Out and about

We took our first trip as a trio to the Trafford Centre this week. Badly in need of a new mattress, we got lucky finding one on clearance in M&S. We weren’t sure how long we’d stay, but with Harry fast asleep we enjoyed lunch at Tampopo (Pictured above) He woke up just as we were getting back in the car to drive home, success!

How is Harry doing?

He seems to be so much more aware this week, and his smiles have been accompanied by little giggles. Much more a little boy than a new-born, he loves looking at new things and is mesmerised by bright lights.

Our fish tank really holds his interest, and he sits on the kitchen counter watching them swim from side to side.

How am I doing?

With Harry sleeping much more soundly through the night I’m starting to feel like myself again, and with more of a routine in place I’m starting to think about shifting these pregnancy pounds. I’m no longer having to resort to a slice of toast when I can put him down for a second, and I’m enjoying cooking proper meals again.

I’ve tried to start losing weight a few times over the last month or so, but I’m feeling like it really is time to get back on the wagon this week. Trips to the gym aren’t feasible, so I’ve got a fitness tracker on the way to encourage me to get pushing the pram.

We’ve got a quiet start to the week this week, and I’m looking forward to blogging more and perhaps having a duvet day or two cuddled up on the sofa. Towards the end of the week we’ve got some lovely plans with my mum, and we’re hopeful for some BBQ worthy weather!