Our Bedtime Routine

August 31, 2017

To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure how much of his ability to snooze is nature of nurture, but our baby boy started sleeping through the night at eight weeks. Aside from bouts of Colic he was a fairly sound sleeper to start with, but I’m sure our bedtime routine helps. Down to a fine art, we try to keep it consistent from night to night.

At half seven my husband starts to run his bath, and I read Harry a couple of bedtime stories. As you’ll read later, he really isn’t in the mood for a book after his bath, so squeezing in a story or two at the start of our bedtime routine seems to work for us.

Once his bath is ready we pop him in, keeping him secure with an Angelcare bath support, while saving our backs. We were given the Angelcare as a hand me down, but it would definitely be one of our baby must haves. So much less hassle than a baby bath, with the added bonus of taking up less space.

We use a splodge of Mustela Multi-Sensory bubble bath, and then their shampoo. Gentle without drying out skin, it’s perfectly safe to use from day one and can be used daily.

We then bundle him up in a towel, and take him through to our bedroom. We keep them room quiet and dimly lit with a nightlight, trying to reinforce that it’s time for bed.

Next comes my least favourite part of the day, getting our baby boy dressed. From start to finish he makes it clear he is not impressed (Hence why story time is earlier) We’ve tried everything to make it a happier time, so any tips would be very welcome!

I speedily dry him off, and pop a nappy on. Harry has been teething recently, so I’ve been using a little of Mustela’s 123 Vitamin Barrier Cream to help keep nappy rash at bay. Strangely the two can be related!

Once his nappy is on, I check the temperature of our room to see how he should be dressed for bed, bearing in mind the temperature can drop overnight. At the moment its around twenty two degrees, so I skip the vest and opt for just a sleepsuit and a one tog sleeping bag.

Finally the moment our baby boy is waiting for, bottle time! He instantly cheers up, and drinks his milk in around fifteen minutes.

Towards the end of his bottle he starts to get quite sleepy, and I have to blow on his cheek or tickle him to wake him up a little. Often fast asleep by the time he’s finished, I take a few minutes to make sure he is properly winded. Unbelievably he sleeps through what are quite often big burps, and it’s time to put him in his cot.

I lie him down in his Next 2 Me side sleeper, and switch on Ewan the Dream Sheep (We always opt for the front left leg for anyone interested.)

And that’s it. He normally snoozes away until around half seven the next morning, unless he’s teething, when he might need settling with some calpol and a little cuddle during the night.

Not always quite so easy, we really struggled to put him down for the first few weeks. It seems our little boy was determined that we’d be co-sleeping, even if we weren’t all that keen. Thankfully, around five weeks he decided he liked him own space, and was happy to be in his cot after all.

All in all, a good nights sleep has come about sooner than we expected, and we are so thankful. Everything seems brighter after some shut eye.

With the help of some handy essentials, our routine takes around forty-five minutes from start to finish, when we flop on the sofa and more often than not doze off ourselves.