Our Family Diary: Teething problems

August 9, 2017

I’m probably going to say this every time, but the last few weeks have whizzed by! We’ve been out and about more than ever, and it feels like our duvet days are becoming few and far between. Living in a small village and not being able to drive I was worried about feeling isolated, but with the help of our local bus service we’ve been for trips out a couple of times a week.

At Home

After finishing our pantry overhaul I turned my attention to Harry’s chest of drawers – which were badly in need of a sort through. Our boy seems to grow every day, and the time had come to store away his tiny baby clothes.

It’s a funny thing, and bittersweet. I’m so happy that our baby boy is healthy and growing, but it’s also a sad thought that he’s no longer a tiny baby.

On the bright side, he now fits into some very cute outfits. He certainly has plenty of dungarees to wear!

Out and About

As I’ve said above it feels more like where haven’t we been! We’ve been out for afternoon tea, for long dog walks and for plenty of coffee dates.

Harry seems to be more aware of the world around us, and will happily smile back at anyone who stops to say hello.

How is Harry doing?

As well as doing plenty of growing, he’s had his second round of injections and learnt to roll on his side. He’s also much more vocal, making himself heard when he’s happy, sad or tired.

Thankfully, his Colic seems to be in hand, and he is so much more settled after his feeds, which is a very welcome relief.

On the other hand, he’s started teething, and regularly chews his fists for comfort. Naively I’d thought we wouldn’t encounter teething for a couple more months, but if I’ve learnt anything in our first three months of parenting it’s to expect the unexpected. We’re now stocked up on baby Bonjela and teething toys, ready to face the problem head on.

Now Harry is coming up to four months, we’ve started to think about the second half of his first year. The newborn days are behind us, and before his first birthday he’ll be eating solids, sitting up, crawling and perhaps even toddling about. We’ll be needing plenty of bibs, stairgates and toys that are a little more grownup. With that in mind we’ll definitely taking a look at whats on offer at Aldi’s baby and toddler event. Starting online tomorrow on the 10th, and in-store on the 17th. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for a few bargains, making sure we’re prepared for the next stages in Harry’s development.

How am I doing?

I’m really in the swing of things, eating healthily and keeping active throughout the day. I’ve even started Couch to 5K, heading out for a run every couple of days. My fitness tracker is helping to keep me motivated, especially seeing how many steps I do just at home looking after Harry.

My goal is fairly daunting, and I’ve plenty of pounds to go, but with each weigh in I’m getting closer to my target.