Project pantry: A big difference to a small space

Project pantry: A big difference to a small space

This makeover isn’t particularly pretty, but it is as practical as it gets. Our pantry has been a disaster zone for quite some time, overhauled every few months but becoming just as messy within a matter of weeks. Nothing had a place, with bits and bobs balanced on top of each other, hoping for the best.

After our baby boy arrived things went from bad to worse, and enough was enough. It was time to get organised. I’m not proud of the before photos below, but they definitely prove that action was needed….

First things first, we painted the floor. Our cottage’s previous residents had left the floor stained, so a good scrub and a quick spruce up was in order.

Once dry, following a quick measure up we headed for Ikea, ready to fill our pantry with cheap storage. We opted for their Trofast storage system, alongside Knagglig crates and Skogsta caddies (Great names!)

Despite defying the Ikea one way system we made it home in one piece, and spent the afternoon building our new purchases, slotting them into place.

With a new home for everything, I used blackboard vinyl and chalk paint pens bought on eBay to label our storage boxes. We even had enough vinyl left to create a mini chalk board on the wall of our pantry.

Really easy to apply, the secret was taking it slowly a little bit at a time, smoothing out air bubbles as I went. Not dissimilar to wallpapering, it was certainly an easier job than I expected.

The storage system leaves room on the left side for us to prop up the ironing board, air dryer and hoover, with our shoe rack to the left. Making the most of our shelving, we used the crates and caddies to keep everything organised.

A few weeks later and our new storage solutions have stood the test of time, with our pantry still tidy. Here’s a few tips that have helped us to keep things organised…

– There were at least twelve pairs of shoes stacked up on our shoe rack, some that we very rarely wore. Dedicating one of our storage boxes to the shoes we wear occasionally has helped to keep out shoe rack tidy.

– I tend to buy presents and cards as and when I see them, scattering them around the house in various hiding places. Keeping them all together in one of our storage boxes means I can find them straight away when the right birthday comes around.

– It might seem overkill to separate everything into so many storage boxes, but being able to instantly spot what I’m looking for prevents me from ransacking the entire pantry. It also makes tidying things away a quick job, rather than a long chore that builds up.

We put off overhauling our pantry for over a year, and now it’s done I wish we’d done it sooner. Having everything neatly stored away has maximised the space we have available and we’ve even been able to fit in our microwave, freeing up counter space in the kitchen.

Good storage makes life much easier, and has certainly made a big difference to the smallest space in our home.