Colief & our baby’s colic problem: A day in the life

September 22, 2017

Today you’ll see us featured on Colief’s social media accounts, sharing our daily routine. The drops have made such a huge difference to our lives, helping with our baby boy’s colic problems.

For those who have no experience of colic, I understand it as a build-up of wind in a baby’s tummy, causing tears and frustration (For both baby and their parents!) The NHS Choices website has lots of information, detailing all the signs and symptoms.

It seems to be different in every baby, but for us Harry’s colic was lactose intolerance related and primarily during the day, with very few problems in the evening or through the night. It tended to be around two hours after a feed (sometimes sooner) and he would cry until he was exhausted. Even then a colic bout would wake him up every few minutes, making it impossible for him to fully fall asleep.

While Gripe Water and Infacol certainly helped, the Colief drops made a huge difference, and they’ve been part of our daily routine for the past couple of months now. When we first started using them it took a little time to get our heads round making up Harry’s bottles, but now we’re definitely in the swing of things.

We shared our daily routine with Colief, but here is a bit of an expanded version below –

8:00 am: Our mornings tend to start around 7:30/8, so we’re up and awake and Harry is ready for his first bottle of the day. We made it last night just before we went to bed. This way we can make sure the drops have had time to work, and that we’re using the bottle within twelve hours.

After Harry is dressed and has had his bottle, I potter round getting dressed and have a quick tidy round, washing up and steralising his bottles. Harry tends to watch me, gurgling away.

9:00 am: It’s playtime, and Harry loves time on his mat with his toys. He’s just started to roll on his side, and grab at everything around him. Before Harry started having the Colief drops this would be a really difficult time for us, he’d be screaming in pain and I’d be cuddling him on the sofa trying desperately to comfort him. He’s so much happier now, and I love this part of our day.

10:00am: A couple of hours after waking up and Harry is ready for a nap. He settles to sleep fairly easily now, rather than struggling to stay asleep because of horrible colic bouts. I use this time to make his bottles for the day, so they are ready when he needs them.

We make four bottles, three that go in the fridge with two drops in – they can be used after four hours. The last is made with four drops in and stays out and I shake it every so often – we can use it in half an hour, but it must be used in two.

Before popping the drops in I cool the bottles down with some cold water for around ten minutes, the drops go into the bottles when they are warm rather than hot.

12:00: His nap lasted just over an hour and Harry had his bottle half an hour ago. I quickly pack Harry’s changing bag, and we’re ready to go out for a coffee with some friends. First of all, we stop off at the pharmacy to top up our Colief supply. It’s available in Boots & Superdrug, but also our little village pharmacy.

12:30: It’s coffee time for me, and Harry loves having a look around, smiling at everyone. Eventually he gets sleepy, and goes back in his pram for a little rest.

A couple of months ago this would have been impossible. Harry would be so unsettled with colic that I’d be pacing the coffee shop trying to settle him. To be honest, chances are I wouldn’t have left the house at all. Colic can be so isolating and we’ve felt a whole new lease of life now it’s under control.

15:00: We’ve been back home, Harry had his bottle, and now we’re back out walking the dogs. This walk often used to be an unsuccessful and stressful attempt to settle a screaming baby, with passers-by offering sympathy and a quick chat about their own experiences of colic (It’s so common!) Now I love being out in the fresh air, with Harry looking around and enjoying our walk or a quick snooze.

18:00: Following our walk Harry tends to stay asleep which gives me a chance to start getting our dinner ready. It’s so nice to be back in the kitchen. When Harry’s colic was particularly bad, out of sheer exhaustion we were resorting to quick ready meals and takeaways, so it’s great to be eating healthier now.

When my husband gets home he finishes off the cooking and serves up while I give Harry his bottle. Eating together still feels like a novelty, when Harry’s colic was at its height one of us would eat while the other paced the room with Harry. Then we’d swap over the other could eat.

19:00: It’s bath time and definitely Harry’s favourite time of day. When his colic was at its worst, whatever time of day it was we’d give him a bath. The water helped soothe him, and since then he’s loved the water and bath time.

While my Husband gives Harry a bath, I nip down to warm up his bed time bottle. We just use a jug of boiling water, gently heating it up. This is how we prepare all his bottles from the fridge, it just takes a couple of minutes and it’s ready to go.

19:30: Harry’s been dried, dressed, had a story and then his bottle. Our routine seems to work, and he falls asleep at more or less the same time every day, sleeping through till morning. While I’ve been giving him his bottle my husband gets one ready for the morning, adding two Colief drops in and popping it in the fridge.

When we first picked up a pack of Colief drops we felt a bit overwhelmed, but once we realised how simple they are to incorporate into making up a feed, they slotted really easily into our routine.

22:00: With Harry fast asleep, it’s our bedtime. Since he was eight weeks old Harry has slept through the night. It came as a complete shock, but a very welcome one.

When Harry’s colic was at its worst, every day seemed like an ordeal, and we’d be completely exhausted by bedtime. Today would have seemed unimaginable a month ago, but the drops have completely combated Harry’s colic problems.

We can fall asleep looking forward to tomorrow, safe in the knowledge that Colief will keep Harry’s colic at bay so we can enjoy the day ahead.

I’m hoping that sharing our routine might help provide some comfort to parents of a baby who is experiencing lactose intolerance related colic that there is light at the end of the tunnel. If you’ve any questions about how we coped with colic, or how we use the Colief drops – please feel free to get in touch!

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You can even watch these videos from Dawn Kelly, Independent Health Visitor and a member of Colief’s expert panel.

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