Organising Our Changing Bag Bits & Bobs

Organising Our Changing Bag Bits & Bobs

I normally keep my handbag quite streamlined, my purse, a pen, notebook, keys, lip balm, just a few essentials really, so it’s come as a bit of a shock to be traipsing round with a hefty changing bag these days.

Of course its all necessary, nappies, wipes, changing mat, a change of outfit, toys, muslins, house keys, my purse, mobile, bottles if we’re out for a few hours, and an ever increasing amount of bits and bobs.

At the moment, we’re also carrying around….

• Infacol
• Colief
• Antibacterial wipes
• A milk monster timer
• Bonjela
• Calpol (& syringe)
• Teething granules
• Gummee Glove
• Hand cream (For me)
• A pen
• Spare dummies in a sterile pot

With all the above in mind, it only takes a couple of days for my changing bag to become a complete mess, leaving me scrabbling around to work out which pocket I’ve left everything in. Not easy with a baby balanced on my knee, and only one hand free.

It also leaves anyone who offers to help at a complete loss, wondering what an earth I mean when I describe a pocket as ‘the one at the front on the inside, to the left’… obviously I know what I mean (Kind of!)

So when Squiffy Print asked if we’d like to collaborate on a product design, I knew exactly what would make our life easier.

Nice and simple, a bits & bobs bag, personalised with our baby’s name. Wash bag size to fit everything in, I was even able to pick a cotton canvas and print that was the perfect match for my changing bag.

Now if I need help rooting through my bag, I just have to say it’s in the bits & bobs bag, and it narrows down the search. It also keeps my bag nice and tidy, helping me feel more organised and much less flustered.

With a new baby anything to make life easier is always the way to go, and what seemed like a small change really has made a big difference. You can buy the yourself a personalised baby organiser bag from Squiffy Print here.