Breakfast with Piccolo

October 25, 2017

Unbelievably our little one is coming up to six months, and we’ve been experimenting with weaning for a few weeks now. A hungry boy, his milk wasn’t quite hitting the spot anymore, so we tried him with the tiniest bit of baby rice.

It quickly became clear that he’d been waiting for that moment, as straight away he was swallowing it by the spoonful. Since then there has been no stopping him, and so far, everything he’s tried has been a hit.

As he wasn’t quite six months we decided to head down the purée route, and it’s been a fantastic way to fill his tummy, as well giving him the opportunity to expand his culinary horizons. Recently he’s been trying out the Piccolo first tastes range, and it’s clear that they are a firm favourite.

Aiming to give children a nutritious start in life, their range of organic purées provide a practical way to introduce babies to new and exciting flavours. This October they have also been taking part in the One for One campaign, donating one pouch to food banks or children’s charities, for every Piccolo pouch bought. Helping those who are most in need, they are aiming to donate an amazing 100,000 pouches.

After starting the day with his morning bottle, Harry has one of the fruity flavoured Piccolo pouches. Recently, I’ve also started to give him pieces of fruit to try alongside it, although more ends up just squished up in his hand than in his tummy. It really doesn’t matter though, as he’s had his purée to prevent him from getting peckish.

While we haven’t come across a flavour he doesn’t like yet, he makes it very clear when we have a hit. A wide-open mouth, ready for the next spoon, really can’t be mistaken for anything other than approval.

As well as fruity recipes, Piccolo have some great savoury tastes too. Unlike a lot of brands, they have vegetable purees which aren’t sweetened with fruit, ensuring your baby tries a full range of flavours. ‘Courgette, pea and leek – with a hint of mint’ went down really well at lunchtime, and I can see why after a sneaky taste myself!

All in all, our first few weeks of weaning have been a really positive experience, with Piccolo making every mealtime easy and hassle free. With plenty of choice on hand, and textured purees available for older babies, Piccolo pouches will be a favourite in our home for the remainder of our weaning journey.