Freedom to explore with BabyBjorn

October 26, 2017

Before our baby boy arrived, we researched slings, and decided to opt for a fabric wrap around sling- the Caboo. After some confusion, a teddy bear and a youtube video later, we felt sufficiently prepared for popping our baby in the sling.

Following his arrival, once we’d found our feet we decided to give it a go, and it was lovely having our tiny newborn nestled against me as I pottered around. Unfortunately, that contentment didn’t seem to last. One very hot week later, and every walk we went on was turning into an ordeal.

The combination of a heatwave, and being wrapped in layers of fabric, made for a very hot and bothered baby. At the same time Harry started to be more aware of the world around him, and the inward facing design of the Caboo meant he had a very limited view. All in all, our sling days were numbered, and it became that little bit harder to get out and about.

Being limited to the pram has meant we’ve had to stick to the path on dog walks, not ideal with two energetic pups keen to run free. So when BabyBjorn got in touch to ask if we’d like to try out their latest baby carrier, from their Be You collection, we were excited to be able to go off-road again.

Really supportive, the baby carrier has a waist belt and padded shoulder straps that take the weight off your back and shoulders, making it very comfortable to use. At almost six months Harry weighs nearly nineteen pounds, and I haven’t had any problems using the carrier.

We’ve been using the carrier in an outward facing position, and its safe to say our baby boy loves his new view as we take our two dogs for a walk. Once he reaches twelve months, the carrier can safely be swivelled onto my back, and we can keep using it until he reaches three years old. It can be also be used as an inward facing carrier, from newborn onwards.

So far overheating really hasn’t been a problem. With fewer layers, and made from cotton and mesh, even with a fluffy snowsuit our baby boy is more than comfortable. Developed in close cooperation with medical specialists, including paediatric orthopaedists and neonatal doctors, we are safe in the knowledge that using the carrier won’t damage our baby boy’s hips.

Thanks to BabyBjorn we’ve been able to enjoy the great outdoors again, and I can share my favourite view with our little one. Solving all the problems we encountered with the Caboo, our new carrier has given us the freedom to explore again.