My DIY Personalised Chest: A cheap & easy craft

October 23, 2017

For me, the best kind of crafts are the quick, easy and cheap ones, which look like you’ve spent days toiling away. Minimum effort, maximum effect.

With that in mind, my personalised chest is the perfect way to create extra storage to hide away bits and bobs, or impress friends and family with what seems like a particularly thoughtful gift.

As we used leftovers to decorate the chest, all in all it cost just £10 to create. Even better, you’ll be finished within an afternoon…and that includes drying time.

You’ll need….

A wooden box – can be plain or feature a pattern you’re happy to paint over
A wooden letter

I found our wooden box and letter in Hobbycraft, with plenty of choice when it came to size and shape.

Leftover wallpaper or wrapping paper
Glue (I used both superglue and a glue stick)

I’m particularly messy when it comes to crafts, so to get started I covered our kitchen table with a flattened out cardboard box, painting both the wooden box (Inside and out) and letter with chalk-paint.

I’m sure you could use most kinds of paint, but I particularly like chalk-paint as it dries so evenly and more often than not you just need one coat. We’ve used the same tin for a number of projects (Our drawer upcycle & carry cadies to name a couple) so it’s great value for money too.

Not a completely necessary step, but to add some colour to the chest I decided to line the lid interior and base with some wallpaper we had left over from decorating our baby’s room. Really easy, I just cut out a square of wallpaper to match the height and width of the area I wanted to cover, using a glue stick to secure it in place. You could choose any print and pattern, using wallpaper, wrapping paper or even self-adhesive vinyl.

Once dry, I positioned the letter on the lid, supergluing it in place…and that’s it, project finished!

While we’re using the chest as a baby box, I’m sure it would make a lovely gift, filled with specially chosen treats for the recipient. If you’re feeling particularly festive, it would be a really easy DIY personalised Christmas eve box – so simple, even small children could join in the fun, choosing the colours and paper to line the box, painting it themselves.