Finding the perfect Christmas tree

November 30, 2017

Choosing a Christmas tree is a tricky business. It has to be perfectly shaped, the ideal size for your space, and you have to be able to fit it in the car to get it home!

It must be non-drop, and the branches need to be well spaced and strong enough to hold all of our decorations.

One of my weaknesses, I can’t resist a beautiful tree decoration, with many of ours chosen as mementos of special occasions.

My particular favourites, we have a traditional ’12 days of Christmas’ set bought for us as a wedding gift, depicting each day in beautiful brass.

Often a difficult decision, we’ve turned tree choosing into a family occasion. We head out for lunch, come home with a tree, and then spend the evening decorating it. We look forward to it every year, and it’s the perfect start to the yuletide season.

For the first time our baby boy came along to join in the fun…

Wrapped up warmly, Harry was kept cosy in his new Blade & Rose Gingerbread Christmas leggings. As festive as baby clothes can possibly get, our baby boy also looked really comfortable wearing them.

With stars up and down the legs, the design also features a very cute gingerbread man bottom.

As luck would have it, we spotted our perfect tree straight away. Confirmed with the tape measure (We take tree shopping very seriously…) it was the perfect height and width for our lounge.

Once home, we decorated the tree, and watched our little one’s eyes widen as the lights went on.

Even the dogs love the Christmas tree, with Ruby a fan of curling up next to it, dozing away the evening hours.

Enjoying Harry’s first Christmas with him is so special, truly a once in a lifetime experience. As cliché as it sounds, seeing him stare at the tree in wonder makes Christmas all the more magical, for us as well as him.