My stay-in-bed stocking

November 29, 2017

There was a bit of an age gap between my sister and I growing up, and seven years meant she was still small when I hit my teenage years. With that in mind, she’d be up and ready to go early Christmas morning, whereas I’d much prefer an extra few hours in bed.

To try to buy extra time, I’d put together a stay-in-bed stocking for her. Including a drink, a snack and a magazine. Keeping her busy meant I could doze a little longer, starting Christmas on a more reasonable schedule.

Now we have a little one of our own, I thought I’d keep the tradition going, hopefully keeping him occupied while the rest of the house sleeps. Granted, I’ll be up and awake with him, but hopefully in years to come he’ll enjoy it for himself.

I decided to make the stocking myself, and very kindly Crafters Companion sent me the kit I needed…

“Merry & Bright” stocking panels
Fusible foam
Stick and Spray adhesive for fabric

As well as the above, I also had needles, thread and scissors to hand.

A really simple project, I simply cut out the stocking panels, matching them into pairs. Between each pair I sandwiched foam cut to size, and used the adhesive spray to secure them in place creating two panels. The foam makes the fabric a little sturdier, adding some body into the stocking.

Fresh from the success of my felt critters, I used a blanket stitch to sew both stocking panels together, tucking in the edges to create a smooth seam.

To finish the stocking, I folded the top edge over, and stitched it in place. To make it easy to hang, I also added a little gold ribbon loop.

Ready and waiting for Christmas morning, I’ve filled it with some baby biscuits, a bib and a few little toys.

Hopefully enough to keep Harry busy for a little while at least, it’s so nice to be bringing back an old family tradition for a new generation. Our first Christmas morning with our baby boy, chances are we’ll be up and awake before him….