Our teething necessities

November 7, 2017

It feels like we’ve bounced straight from problems caused by colic, to dealing with teething. Our baby boy started to struggle from around three and a half months, showing all the classic signs. His cheeks were rosy, he was chewing his little fists, and he suddenly became very dribbly.

Our little one is coming up to six and a half months, and we’ve just see his first little front tooth break through. It’s been a long journey, but we’ve just about worked out a routine that seems to keep him comfortable.

1) Anbesol liquid and Nurofen are a winning combo

We’ve tried quite a few gels, but found them slippery and difficult to apply. In contrast, it’s easy to dab on Anbesol liquid every few hours when necessary, and it seems to provide more or less immediate relief for our little one.

When Anbesol doesn’t provide quite enough relief, we give Harry a dose of Nurofen. It starts to work after fifteen minutes, and as our pharmacist explained, it helps by reducing the inflammation of the gums.

If Harry wakes in the night with teething pain, if we can, we try to administer the above without getting him out of his cot. This can be a little bit tricky, but it helps to reinforce that it’s night time still, rather than time to get up… hopefully making sure we all get back to sleep as quickly as possible.

2) Plenty of bibs and a dab of petroleum jelly

As mentioned above, teething has made our little one very dribbly, so much so that his chin can get sore.

It’s important to keep his chin as dry as possible, so we swap his bibs over every couple of hours, and dab on some petroleum jelly to prevent a rash from developing.

If his chin does start to look sore, we coat the rash in a thin layer of Sudocrem when he goes to bed. By morning his chin looks much better, and we’re ready for another day.

3) Have teethers on hand

We’ve tried all sorts of teethers, but the Nuby IcyBite Keys are definitely a firm favourite. They are easy for our baby boy to hold, with multiple teething surfaces to help relieve the discomfort of his sore and tender gums.

Easy to cool in the fridge, they are one of his favourite toys as well as a teether!

Teething is a long process, and we’re well aware that we’ve got a long way to go before our little one has a full set of teeth. Hopefully with the help with our teething necessities, we’ll be able to keep our baby as comfortable as possible.