How to pack for Winter sun

How to pack for Winter sun

This time two years ago, we were in Jamaica on our honeymoon. After a short trip to London (Involving a gorgeous afternoon tea at the Grosvenor) we made our way to Gatwick, and left the dreary December weather for much sunnier climates.

After a hectic few months leading up to the wedding, it was a relief to relax for a few days, doing not a lot at all but enjoying every moment.

As tempting as a longer honeymoon would have been, we arrived home a week later on Christmas eve. Jetlagged, but excited to see our family and friends.

Back to present day, and winter sun is back on the agenda. We’re keen to get away before our little one is properly on the move, hopefully making the flight and time away slightly easier.

Thinking back to our honeymoon, I’ve come up with a few tips to make packing for your winter break a little easier…

– Don’t trail around the shops

There is very little point in heading to your local shopping centre for your winter sun wardrobe. The shelves will be full of cosy jumpers and bobble hats, rather than summer dresses and flip flops.

Shopping online is the way to go, heading to specialist retailers for must-haves like swimwear. I’ve got my eye on a miraclesuit swimsuit from Simply Beach, hopefully it’ll be able to hide the pregnancy pounds I’ve not quite managed to shift yet.

If you’re really struggling, you can always raid the wardrobes of family and friends. Unless they’re off on a winter break as well, they certainly won’t be wearing their shorts and strappy dresses in winter.

– You really can pack in advance

Unless you’re very warm blooded, you’ll be wrapped up in winter, and your summer clothes will be set aside. You certainly won’t be needing your sun-cream, so you can pack everything well in advance, without the need to raid your bags for something to wear.

We packed for our honeymoon a fortnight ahead, safe in the knowledge a December heatwave was very unlikely.

– Opt for layers

Travelling to and from the airport is bound to be chilly, especially if you have an early morning flight. Once you arrive at your destination you’ll hopefully be welcomed by some sunshine, so suddenly those chunky knits and thick socks don’t seem so sensible.

I layer up, and carry a pair of flip flops in my hand luggage. Let’s face it, no one wants to be a sweaty mess arriving at their hotel.

– Make the most of end-of-season sales

This one might be a little on the late side if you’re jetting off in the next month, but if you have booked in advance, remember to pick up some bargains in the end of summer sales.

Cosmetics, clothes and even pool inflatables can be picked up at a hefty discount, so it’s well worth keeping your eyes peeled for bargains. When it comes to children’s clothes, remember that little ones are likely to grow, so opt for a larger size to make sure they’ll be a good fit.

There is nothing like winter sun to perk up a bleak January, so we’ll be keeping an eye out for a last-minute holiday, hoping to go on our first family holiday abroad!