Photo bunting with Polaroid Snap

December 17, 2017

It’s a cliché, but time does fly by so quickly, especially when you have a little one. Our photos are so precious – we’ve captured our baby boy’s first days, his first smile, right through to his latest milestone, sitting up by himself.

So with that in mind, it goes without saying we’ll be having a camera on hand for his first Christmas. Creating lasting memories of the lead up, as well as the day itself.

Very kindly, we’ve been sent the Polaroid Snap to put through it’s paces, taking instant photos with our friends and family this Christmas.

It’s easy to use, you literally just point and snap, with the photo instantly printed. Although it’s a bit more of a challenge to photograph a fidgety baby, it’s nice to have some pictures that really capture a moment in time.

After giving our baby boy a balloon to play with, we decided to take a series of photos, and I love the different poses and ‘Photo booth’ style.

Too special to leave in an album, we decided to use the photos to create some bunting for an empty wall in the nursery.

A simple DIY, we just needed some string, pegs and parcel tags.

The ZINC film we’ve used was peel off and sticky-backed, so to get started I just positioned the photos on the parcel tags. Noting down on the back when the photo was taken (You think you’re going to remember these things, but we’ve quickly started to lose track!)

I then just positioned the string across the wall, and pegged the photos in place. As easy as that, done!

Our nursery is quite an awkward shape, as part of the room is over the staircase, so this is a brilliant way to make the most of a space that had previously been neglected.

Over the next few weeks we’re looking forward to adding to our bunting, creating a lasting reminder of our first Christmas as a family.