Pregnancy & Christmas: How to enjoy yourself but avoid exhaustion

Pregnancy & Christmas: How to enjoy yourself but avoid exhaustion

I love Christmas, but it’s safe to say it’s not the most relaxing time. The run up can be hectic, the day itself passes in a blur, and suddenly it’s New Year’s Eve in the blink of an eye and you wonder where the time went.

This time last year I was five months pregnant, and I think I ended up more exhausted after the ‘Holiday’ than before it.

With the benefit of hindsight, I’ve got a few tips for anyone who is spending the festive period pregnant. Hopefully I’ll be able to take my own advice next time round….

Say no more often

First thing first (and this should be a remembered throughout pregnancy, rather than just for Christmas) say no, and don’t feel guilty for a second. Focus on the Christmas events you want to go to, and you’ll enjoy them all the more if you’re not exhausted.

A busy Christmas market on my feet wasn’t top of my agenda, but a quiet dinner with friends was always a yes.

A New Year’s party staying up well past midnight was a no, but an early night and browsing the online sales for our nursery décor was a big thumbs up.

Being stuck in traffic with a baby jumping on my bladder would have been a nightmare, so last Christmas we arranged for family to come to us, rather than risk a long journey.

Keep an eye on soft drink sugar levels

This sounds like a strange one, but wherever I went I was very kindly offered a soft drink alternative, sometimes bought especially for me. Albeit a lovely thought, they were often packed full of sugar, and could leave me feeling quite shaky.

I was drinking them out of politeness, when really, I’d have preferred a glass of water. Diluting the drink with soda water was a good halfway solution, stopping the drink from being too sickly sweet.

Stick to your routine

Throughout my pregnancy, feeling tired made me feel nauseous, so late nights made the next day particularly unpleasant.

Where possible I should have made sure I was home in time for an early night, or if a late one was unavoidable, I wish I’d made sure the next day could be spent napping.

I took vitamins throughout my pregnancy, and it’s really important to keep taking them even when you’re out of your normal routine. I always opted for Pregnacare from Vitabiotics, as it contains the exact balance of vitamins and minerals a pregnant woman needs.

If you’re in the first trimester, it’s even more important to take them every day, ensuring you are maintaining the recommended level of folic acid and Vitamin D.

Monitor movements

As your baby develops you’ll need to be aware of your baby’s movements, but trying to determine what is normal and what is not can be tricky when you are out of your day to day routine.

I sometimes found Harry wasn’t particularly active during long evening car journeys, so when we arrived where we were staying I’d often ask if I could jump in the bath to freshen up. The warm water tended to perk him up, putting my mind at rest so I could relax and enjoy the evening ahead.

If you ever have any doubts, call your local triage centre to see if you need to be brought in to be monitored. We did this a few times throughout my pregnancy, and it is always best to make sure everything is as it should be.

If you are travelling over Christmas, make sure you always have your notes with you, and if you’re coming up to your due date take your hospital bag too.

Not to give the impression being pregnant over the festive period was unbearable, it really wasn’t.

Granted the cheese plate wasn’t quite so exciting, but thinking ahead to the coming year was so special, and it was lovely to think how different our future Christmas Days would be.

This year we will have an eight-month-old to share Christmas with, and it’s safe to say everything will be revolving around him. Not that we’d have it any other way of course!