Starting our memory blanket

December 9, 2017

When our baby boy was born we were kindly given some beautiful personalised pieces; books, clothes, and bits and pieces to finish off his room.

As expected, the months have passed, and he’s grown out of some of the clothes. Not something we’d keep for another baby, I wanted to do something special with the personalised pieces, making the most of the lovely gifts our friends and family had chosen for him.

I decided to cut out patches from each garment, and stitch them onto a blanket. Creating a special Christmas present for our baby boy, to add to as the years pass.

Choosing a blanket was tricky, I wanted something that would be big enough for us to snuggle under, that would also be an easy fabric to sew patches onto. With Christmas in mind, I chose a beautiful cream faux fur throw, luxuriously soft and very cosy.

The underside of the throw is plain fabric rather than faux fur, giving you a flat surface to sew the patches onto. An added benefit, the faux fur hides the underside of your sewing, magically disguising any untidy stitches.

To start off I decided to create my own patch, opting for festive fabric from Crafters Companion, making a letter H for Harry.

Using my laptop, I chose a font, and then traced the shape onto the fabric using the light of the screen.

I drew a border around the initial, and then cut some of the fusible foam left from my ‘Stay-in-bed stocking’project to size. To finish the patch I wrapped the fabric around the foam and stitched around the border.

Ready for the blanket, I then placed it in position, stitching it onto the fabric.

To create patches from the personalised clothes we’ve been given, I cut around the special features printed on the fabric, backing them with foam and sewing them onto the blanket in the same way.

Given to us by a very special friend, I can remember thinking his ‘Hello world I’m Harry’ vest was so big in comparison to his new-born clothes, only to be too small by the time he reached six months. A reminder of how quickly our baby boy is growing up, looking at this patch will always make me smile.

I’m sure as time passes we’ll have new patches to sew on. A bib from this coming Christmas, swatches from loved but worn out sleepsuits, and of course there’s bound to be one or two mementos from his first birthday….