Baby footprint thank you cards: An easy DIY

January 25, 2018

With Christmas fast becoming a distant memory, and February fast approaching, I’m really keen to get our thank you cards sent. Treated to so many lovely gifts, our little one truly is a lucky boy.

Wanting to do something special, we decided to take inspiration from our baby footprint Christmas tree decorations, and create some printed cards.

Creating a template and printing it off, we were already off to a head start. Fitting two to an A4 piece of card, I added the outline of a heart and the words ‘…from the bottom of my heart to the tips of my toes’ to a blank word document, leaving room for a handwritten note underneath.

I then squeezed some washable finger paint into a tray, and strapped our baby boy into his highchair. From previous experience we’ve learnt this is the best way to get footprints from him, distracting him with some toast to munch on.

A two man job, my husband held the card, and I pressed down Harry’s foot to get the position right. For each footprint I dabbed some paint onto his foot, making sure the full foot was covered.

To achieve the symmetry of the heart, we took a print from both his left and right foot, getting a little bit messy in the process….

With plenty of cards needed, we came up with a bit of a conveyer belt, taking all the left prints, followed by the right. Making sure we had plenty of space for them all to dry on the kitchen table.

Once dry, I wrote ‘Thank you’ across each heart, and a handwritten note under the text.

All written and ready to go, I just need for this rain to stop so we can get them to the post office in one piece!