Competition: 4 tips for a happy baby bath time

Competition: 4 tips for a happy baby bath time

Times have changed since we had a new-born to bathe. Overall our bedtime routine is much the same, but bath time is a lot more fun. Our little one no longer lies back, but is sat up playing and splashing, often soaking both us and the bathroom.

With nearly nine months of bath-times under our belt, we’ve got a few tips to share…

1) The right temperature

An Amazon bargain, we use our duck thermometer every night. It lets you know when the bath water is between the correct range, 35-38 degrees, flashing if the water is too hot or cold. We tend to run the bath to the higher end of that scale, making sure there is plenty of time to play before the water becomes too cool.

2) Plenty of bubbles

Can you ever have too many bubbles? I’m pretty sure our little one doesn’t think so.

Recently we’ve been trying out the organic toiletries from the Earth Friendly Baby range. Made from all natural ingredients, their products are blended to be gentle on Children’s skin.

Bursting with bubbles, their calming lavender bubble bath is the perfect bedtime product, especially when partnered with their happy mandarin shampoo and body wash. Both working together to make sure our baby boy is squeaky clean.

3) Lots of toys

Now our baby boy is sitting up in the bath, it’s much easier for him to play with his toys. Boats, cups and floating figurines all add to the fun, and it’s well worth having a few different options on hand.

Another Amazon bargain, it’s well worth getting a bath toy net. As well as tidying everything away, it also gives toys a chance to drain and dry off between baths.

4) A warm fluffy towel

Is there a better feeling than wrapping up in a cosy towel straight from stepping out the bath? We pop his towel on the radiator as our baby boy gets in the bath, making sure its nice and warm ready for when he gets out.

Once he’s dry, chamomile body lotion helps to gently soothe any tender or dry skin, leaving our little one pampered and ready for bed.

A gorgeous range, Earth Friendly Baby products are the perfect addition to your baby’s bath time. If you’d like to try them out, enter via the Gleam widget below, and you could win their Soothing chamomile body lotion, Calming lavender bubble bath and Happy mandarin shampoo & body wash.

What are your top tips for a happy bath time?

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Terms and Conditions

– This competition allows multiple entries, and there will be only 1 winner per competition.
– Entry is open to UK residents only, and the entrant must be 18 years of age and over.
– The competition winner will be selected at random via Gleam.
– The prize amount cannot be exchanged for cash value.
– The competition winner will be contacted by Earth Friendly Baby, who will arrange the delivery of their prize. If the competition winner does not respond to contact within 7 days, another entrant will be randomly selected.

  • Heather Haigh

    Stick to a routine, keep things calm, and allow plenty of time.

  • ashleigh allan

    Make it fun

  • Sarah summers

    loads of toys and bubbles

  • Margaret Gallagher

    Make it fun and not a chore

  • Andrea

    Making it fun with bubbles and bath toys.

  • suey1969

    I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania.

  • Holly King

    Make it fun with games my son has ducks that he shoots with a water gun he would be in there for hours if is let him

  • Tracy K Nixon

    Choose a time when you’re feeling relaxed and not rushed; bathing should be a fun time for you and your baby. You could choose this time to be after a vigorous playtime so your baby is in need of a sit down!

  • Solange

    Make it predictable and comforting by following a regular routine. Have everything you need to hand before you start and make sure the bathroom is warm.

  • My top tips for a happy bath time are lots of toys, games and a milky bottle ready and waiting for afterwards 🙂

  • Joanne Hutchings

    To allow plenty of time for playing.

  • Catherine Joyce

    Plenty of toys and swimming goggles for washing hair

  • Sarah mackay

    Having a variety of different toys

  • Kat Lucas

    Don’t wait until they are over tired and keep it fun and make washing a game

  • Fay Norris

    Lots & lots of toys. A bubble bath is fun too, playing with the bubbles

  • Dannii

    Toys and bubbles!

  • Karen Barrett

    A good, consistent routine, bath before bed, lots of fun and laughter

  • Maggie Coates

    Buy a shampoo shield to keep eater away from eyes

  • Amelia Kennedy

    Lots of bubbles and a duck = happy smiling face! x

  • A bubble bath and lots of toys

  • Rebecca Brown

    Loads of fun bubbles to play in and jugs and cups to play in the water

  • Carolyn Heyworth

    Get a nice warm bath ready. bubbles and a few bath toys.

  • Lucy Major

    Lots of toys and a routine

  • Thomas Buchanan

    lots of toys and bubble bath

  • Adeinne Tonner

    My top tip has to be bubbles as they make bath time so much funnier!

  • emma walters

    we use a shield for hair washing and lots for bubble games

  • Joanna Mckenna

    Lots and lots of bubbles

  • Eleanor B

    My top tip for a happy bath time is to get my husband to do it while I have a glass of wine!

  • laura banks

    fun and lots of bubbles

  • Eve H Ogden

    Lots of bubbles

  • Karen Robinson

    Consistent routine – same time each evening, warm water, relaxed atmosphere, play games, have fun!

  • Lara Davis

    Warm bathroom and lots of fun


    Nice warm bathroom plenty of singing and lots of bubbles always make a fun bath time for my little girl

  • Rachel

    Plenty of time to play before I even attempt hair washing!

  • Lorraine Tinsley

    Make it fun from a young age, my kids love bath time and don’t mind washing their hair

  • Rhi

    Keep it fun! Don’t leave them in the tub too long or they get tired and grumpy, but make sure they have enough time to explore and play

  • Lynn Neal

    Warm towels, warm bathroom and lots of bubbles!

  • katie w

    warm bath, toys and giggles

  • Justine Meyer

    lots of bubbles, singing and games for a fun happy time x

  • k dunn

    warm water and bath toys

  • Claire Glace

    Plenty of toys, we play nursery rythme music too…… and turn the heating on!!

  • Michelle Ferguson

    Lots of bubbles and lots of toys

  • MrRichTea

    Keep to timings, make it fun

  • kat walsh

    A bubble beard always keeps the attention on fun 😀

  • Melissa Lee

    Sticking to schedule and having nice warm water

  • Cherry Edwards

    Plenty of toys, plenty of bubbles and plenty of time

  • June M Lord

    Plenty of bubbles and singing

  • Gosia Milbank

    Safe, warm, bubbly and fun with toys

  • Amanda noble

    Make it fun! My baby loves to splash on the water and play with her toys

  • Donna

    We like to sing nursery rhymes in the bath and always have lots of bubbles and toys.

  • Andrea Tinks

    bubbles , toys and lots of noise xx

  • Keri Jones

    My son is only really happy at bath time if me or my husband get in with him. We actually really enjoy it too and do it as much as we can. There will come a time, and I’m sure it’s not far away, when he’s happy to be on his own with his toys xx

  • Saz Add

    Routine is key

  • sallycollingwood

    Lots of bubbles!

  • Carole Nott

    lots of fun and routine

  • Samantha O’D

    My kids love playing in the bath, they prefer cups and empty bottle to any bath toys

  • Kerry Taylor

    Pass the baby to Daddy, lock the bathroom door and crack out the wine…

  • Alex Evans

    My little button is not too fussed about the bath, but loves being wrapped in the snuggly towel afterwards, so we made sure to buy the softest ones we could find and then tumble dry for maximum snuggliness!

  • Emily CD

    I have a baby bath that has a hammock attachment so my little one feels safe and secure whilst I have both hands free. She loves it, especially with Mr Ducky (her sponge)!

  • Stevie

    Pretending you’re swimming.

  • rebecca beesley

    allow plenty of time so it’s not a rush and have everything you need to hand.

  • Lucy Beckett

    My bestie is due in august, would love to win for her x

  • Julie Ward

    Plenty of bubbles and squirty toys keep grandson happy, he also loves his watering can

  • Leila Benhamida

    Singing song and some toys are great

  • Ursula Hunt

    Do it before she gets too tired or all she wants to do is go to bed and cant be bothered


    My grandchildren love singing & splashing their way through bathtime

  • Katie McGinley

    Playing with toys and bubbles

  • Julie

    Plenty of bubbles!

  • michelle smith

    Plenty of Bath toys and bubbles

  • esme mccrubb

    Its all about timing not when they are toi active or too tired

  • Katy

    Plenty of time allowed, and different toys, play with them


    Lots of toys and spare towels for spillage

  • Zoe Brown

    lots of toys and bubbles

  • Rachel white

    Lots of toys & bubbles.. and not too late as little one is grumpy!

  • Diane Carey

    Allowing time for them to play with toys and bubbles, making it a fun relaxing time

  • Tasha Hamilton

    Have lots of toys to play with

  • Clare Walmsley

    keep a couple of empty product bottles, they’re just as good as bath toys for kids!

  • Laura Harrison

    Lots of toys and empty bottles to keep bathtime fun xx

  • Louise Burgess

    my son loves the bath now would love to win this

  • Elena

    plenty of toys!