Keeping tidy with the KonMari method

January 16, 2018

I’ve been in two minds whether or not to write this post, as my thoughts on drawer tidying has the potential to be quite dull. However, as it’s been a game changer for me I’m going to go right ahead anyway.

Nearly two years ago, I read Marie Kondo’s book, ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying.’ (If you haven’t read it, order it now, I promise you won’t regret it!) and since then my home has been hugely improved. If something doesn’t ‘Spark joy’ it’s gone, and I have regular clear-outs to keep on top of our clutter. Less is certainly more.

A few months ago, our baby boy’s drawers were in a mess. Tired and frazzled, I’d just quickly stuff everything in, muddling up sizes, mixing up vests and sleepsuits. The mess and confusion eventually became stressful, with opening the drawers a depressing way to start our day.

As a rule, I like to have everything in it’s place, with a place for everything. A day spent tidying relaxes me, and I always feel better after a good sort out. It might sound like a strange way to unwind, but for me, there is something zen about a well-ordered shelf.

Back to our baby’s drawers, and when enough became enough, I chucked the whole lot on our bed and started to sift through. Clothes that were already too small, were popped into hoover bags for storage, clearing some space straightaway.

Clothes that were still too big were put to one side, in the hope that I’d have at least a couple of drawers clear to pop them in.

I then separated the clothes that did fit, sorting them out into sleepsuits, vests and outfits.

While I’d done all that before, it was the way I was putting them back into the drawer that was causing problems. Remembering how much success I’d had with her ‘Spark Joy’ principle, I decided to try out Marie Kondo’s folding techniques.

Our top two drawers have Harry’s sleepsuits and vests in, folded and ordered. Short sleeved vests are separated from long-sleeved, avoiding us having to search through and muddle everything up.

The next drawer down, has tops, jumpers and trousers. The one under it, dungarees and cardigans.

As hoped, the two drawers left leave us with plenty of room to store clothes that are still too big, ready and waiting for the next growth spurt.

Having a system has really worked. Everything is to hand, and stays neat and tidy. The KonMari folding techniques keep clothes ordered, so you don’t have to root through everything to find the top you’re looking for.

It takes a little longer to put washing away, but it’s time well spent to avoid stressful mornings, and full afternoons having a big clear-out.

All in all, tidy drawers make me happy, improving my day just that little bit. That might be boring, but sometimes you have to take a win where you can.

Have you experienced the life changing magic of tidying? I’d love to hear you thoughts on the KonMari method!

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