The Aldi Baby & Toddler Event: January

January 19, 2018

Eagerly anticipated, January has seen the Aldi Baby & Toddler sale come around once again. Last time we got very lucky, with the sale almost tailored to everything we were going to need for the coming months. We stocked up ready for weaning, and our backseat mirror has been a constant companion on car journeys.

It seems the same can be said for the latest sale! I don’t know how, but somehow, Aldi always seems to have what we need included in their baby events.

Of course, it goes without saying that we stocked up on nappies and wipes. You can never have enough…and let’s face it, no parent wants to run out of either!

The biggest draw for us, were the 99p books on offer. Amazing quality for the price, the illustrations are detailed and eye-catching.

We don’t tend to read with our little one before bed, as he’s so tired it becomes more of a chore than a pleasure. Instead it’s something we enjoy every afternoon, sitting down with a few books when he wakes up fresh from his nap.

The perfect additions to our collection, we took home titles like the Wizard of Oz and Alice and Wonderland, all for less than a pound!

A little ahead of schedule, we also picked up a toilet training book for boys, with handy reward charts and useful advice for parents. Bound to come in handy, I’ve stored it away until the time comes.

Our baby boy is more or less teething constantly at the moment, and plastic bibs seem to really irritate his chin, leaving a sore looking rash. With that in mind, I was pleased to see some fabric bibs in the event, and we’ve stocked up as we’re bound to get through a few.

As well as bits & bobs from the sale, we also stocked up on our essentials, formula and a few snacks. The Aldi Mamia range always goes down well, and it’s great that they stock Aptamil too.

As well as all the above, there were some brilliant deals on furniture too, and handy newborn items such as a Moses baskets and slings. It’s well worth having a snoop around, as there will inevitably be something you need for a fantastic price. The event continues in-store until Thursday, so there is plenty of time left to go and have a look!