Valentine’s Day with Prestige Flowers

January 25, 2018

There is something bittersweet about a wedding bouquet. The flowers are beautiful, but you don’t get to enjoy them for all that long. We were straight off on our honeymoon, and I passed on my flowers to one of my lovely bridesmaids.

With that in mind, it’s always lovely to have flowers I can enjoy for more than one day, brightening up our home (Even on a drizzly day!). An easy way to add a splash of colour, they really are the perfect finishing touch in any room.

Treated by online delivery service Prestige Flowers, I’ve been enjoying their luxury bouquet, featured as part of their Valentine’s Day collection. Hand-tied with a dozen Rhodos Roses, copper ruscus and foliage, the bouquet is a real showstopper.

Perfectly packaged and sent by next day delivery, our flowers arrived safe and sound in spotless condition. Safely left in our shed, they were a lovely surprise to come home to.

As well as stunning blooms, the bouquet came accompanied with a box of luxury chocolates, and a very sweet teddy bear… coincidentally named Harry, just like our baby boy!

Our delivery also contained helpful instructions, making sure our flowers are well looked after, and at their best for as long as possible. Almost a week later, and our roses still look as fresh as the day they were delivered. Definitely an upgrade on supermarket flowers, that can peak after just a few days at home.

With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, I’m hopeful I’ll be treated to another bouquet by my husband. Not all that subtle, I’ve been leaving the Prestige Flowers website open on his laptop at every opportunity, hopefully he’ll get the hint…