Toddler on tour: Finding a family friendly holiday

Toddler on tour: Finding a family friendly holiday

Before Christmas, I wrote a post about our quest for winter sun, and unfortunately a hectic January meant our plans for a break didn’t materialise. With one thing and another, time slipped away, and it looks like our holiday will be a little later in the year than planned.

This means that our baby boy will most likely be on the move by the time we first board a plane together, and there is so much more to consider!

Naively, we thought we might book a break using Airbnb, jetting off to the South of France for some September sunshine. Baguettes, brie and beautiful weather, what could be more perfect for our first family holiday.

Turns out with a baby there is so much more to consider! Will there be a travel cot on hand for us to use? Are there stair gates? Those picturesque balconies overlooking the sea…. turns out they are potential death trap for a toddler!

It quickly dawned on us why family friendly resorts are quite so popular. Everything is on hand, and your little one is completely catered for. There is nothing to worry about, and everything is so much more hassle free… exactly what we want from our much-anticipated break together.

Here are a few more baby-related considerations we’re factoring into booking a holiday:

– Staying safe in the sun

As well as the practicalities of our accommodation, we’ve also been considering the weather, and what our little one will be able to handle. Last Summer became uncomfortably hot and keeping our baby cool was a real challenge. Not ideal for a relaxing week away.

I’m thinking 22-24 degrees would be ideal, and with that in mind, locations like Egypt or Turkey will be far too hot. Somewhere more Mediterranean, like Greece, Italy or Croatia would be a bit more manageable.

– Would last minute be best?

It only takes our baby boy to be under the weather or teething, and our holiday wouldn’t be quite so much fun. While one of us catching a bug isn’t completely unavoidable, booking our holiday at the last minute gives us a better chance of us all being fit and healthy.

Also a great chance to save some money, sites like Holiday Gems ( make it really easy to book a holiday as late as the next day.

– How long in the air?

Along with most parents, it’s safe to say I’m nervous about the flight, and how our baby boy will cope. It’s safe to say long haul is out of the question!
I think a couple of hours will be just about bearable. We can distract him with something to eat, some new toys and hopefully he might have a little sleep (too optimistic?)

Hopefully time will whizz by, and we’ll have arrived at our destination without any tears or tantrums.

It feels like there is so much to think about when booking a holiday with a baby, but hopefully worth all the effort to spend some quality time together in the sunshine.

Have you any tips for trips abroad with a one year old? Any advice would be very welcome!