What’s in my changing bag?

February 5, 2018

Every so often I look back at old posts, and reading through ‘Organising Our Changing Bag Bits & Bobs’ really made me smile. Like peeking at a time capsule, in just a few short months life has changed, and the contents of my bag are slightly different.

Definitely a must have item, we still use our bits and bobs bag, keeping smaller items tidy and easy to find. Personalised with our baby’s name, I’d definitely recommend Squiffy Print and their brilliant range.

With our Colic journey far behind us, we no longer carry around Infacol and Colief, which thankfully means we only need to take a clean bottle and some ready-made Aptamil for when Harry is due a feed.

Of course, we still carry around the necessities, nappies, wipes, changing mat, a change of outfit, a muslin square, house keys, my purse and mobile.

Trying to streamline the contents of our bag, I’ve found smaller tubes of Sudocrem Care & Protect really handy, saving space for everything else we need to carry around now.

At the moment, we’re also carrying around….

• Antibacterial wipes
• Anbesol Liquid
• Nurofen (& syringe)
• A few toys and a book, to keep our baby boy busy when we stop for lunch or a coffee
• Snacks or finger food
• Bibs
• Spare socks (We’re always losing at least one!)

The biggest transition has been the need to carry around snacks for Harry, especially if we’re out and about around mealtimes. Finger food and fruit are easily transportable thrown in the bag, alongside extra wipes to clear up the inevitable mess.

Teething is very much on the agenda these days, and we wouldn’t be without our essential combination of Anbesol & Nurofen. I’m guessing I’m going to be carrying them both around for some time yet….

In the six months since my first changing bag post, it’s easy to see how much our daily lives have changed. I can’t help but wonder what we’ll be carrying around in another six months’ time!