A quick DIY: Baby sensory bags on a budget

A quick DIY: Baby sensory bags on a budget

When Harry was around six months old, we went to some baby sensory classes. A great opportunity to get involved with new sights and sounds, there were plenty of chances to get messy too!

Dotted around the space were baby sensory bags, and on closer inspection they looked fairly simple to make, so I thought I’d have a go, and see if I could make them on a budget.

eBay was my first stop, and I managed to get everything I’d need with change from £5 (Including delivery)

A4 clear grip seal bags – £1.79
Water beads – 99p
Star confetti – 99p
Duct tape – 99p (For a metre sample)

The bags couldn’t be easier to put together, you just need to soak the water beads a couple of hours in advance.

For my star confetti sensory bag, I poured in around a hundred ml of water, and sprinkled in the stars. Sealing the zip lock at the top of the bag, I then folded it over a few times, securing in place with the duct tape.

Repeating a similar process for the water beads bag, I just poured in the expanded beads, and sealed in the same way. There was a little excess water around the beads, so I didn’t need to add in any extra.

Finished in a matter of minutes, they are ready to play with straight away. They really couldn’t be any easier!

A great way to let your baby explore smaller bits and bobs, without the chance of choking, Harry loves poking and prodding the bags to move around the pieces inside.

As there is a slight chance the bags can split open, make sure you are supervising your little one’s playtime. I find the bags are great when laid flat on a high chair tray, as there is plenty of movement when they are played with.

With endless options, you can fill the sensory bags with almost anything. My grip seal bags came as a set of ten, so we’ve got plenty left to experiment with. Easter is coming up, so I’m planning to make a seasonal sensory bag, with some tiny fluffy chicks.