An easy Easter breakfast

March 26, 2018

In our house, where possible, we make life easy for ourselves. If there is a stress-free option, that makes everybody happy, then that is clearly the way to go. We took this approach when planning our wedding, and it certainly took the pressure off.

Over the last year, with a little one on our hands, our motto definitely been put to the test. It’s so easy to needlessly make life difficult for yourself, over-complicating what could be quite straightforward.

It’s never more difficult to simplify things, than on special occasions. Christmas, Birthdays and Easter all come with expectations, and before you know it you’re facing hours in the kitchen, aiming for perfection rather than enjoying the day with your family.

I’ve decided this Easter we don’t need homemade hot cross buns, and that we’d all be much happier without the washing up that comes with them. Instead I’ll be spending a few minutes ordering something for breakfast online, enjoying more time with our baby boy.

I’ve already got something in mind, after trying something particularly special sent to us by Sous Chef.

An alternative Easter breakfast, similar to Panettone, we’ve been lucky enough to try one of their Colomba di Pasqua (or ‘Easter Doves’) a traditional dove-shaped Italian cake.

Pistachio and white chocolate flavour, the cake comes accompanied by a decadent jar or Sicilian pistachio cream. Unlike anything I’ve tried before, it would be best described as a nuttier, creamier and smoother Nutella.

I must admit, I was a little dubious as to how fresh the Colomba would be when ordered online, but I needn’t have worried. Light, soft and airy, I don’t think it could be any more delicious if we’d collected it straight from the bakery itself.

Perfect when served with a pot of tea, and some pretty chocolate eggs, Easter breakfasts don’t get any easier than this.

Packaged beautifully, the Columba arrived in a gorgeous gold and teal box, ready to give as a gift…. if you can bear to part with it of course! Sous Chef also offer next day delivery for any order up until 5pm, so if you’ve just found out you’ll be having last minute guests this Easter you’ll be able to get one before the bank holiday begins.

Minimum effort, for maximum effect, this is a delicious breakfast the whole family can enjoy together.

With time flying by so quickly, and our little one’s first birthday coming up next month, I’ve promised myself that I’ll try to enjoy every moment of his remaining baby days. I can safely say I’d rather be making memories with him, than making hot cross buns this Easter. Perhaps in a few years’ time, we’ll be making them together instead!