February with Weight Watchers

February with Weight Watchers

In my first month with Weight Watchers I managed to shed eleven pounds, and I couldn’t have been more pleased. In this last month, February, my biggest worry was that I’d fall off the wagon.

It’s so easy to start off strong, but then give into temptation. I’m no stranger to diets, and find the first month easy, with the second more of a challenge.

This time though, I’m so determined, and I’m pleased to say I’ve lost another five and a half pounds. I’ve dropped a dress size, and I feel so much healthier.

In my first post, I mentioned that I can be disheartened small losses, but they are the ones that mount up to a big loss over time. This change in mindset has kept me going, and I’m proud of every half pound I manage to lose.

Here are a few tips that have kept me on track over the last month…

Celebrate your victories

It’s so easy to be so focused on your goal weight, that it seems pointless updating your wardrobe as your clothes get looser. Dropping a dress size is a big deal, but when money is tight, and you’ve got a few more to go, is there any point in investing?

I think there is! If I feel good in the outfit I’m wearing, I’m more likely to feel confident. In turn, this strengthens my willpower, and I make the right decisions for the future, rather than indulging in whatever treat I fancy in the moment. Hiding under a baggy jumper makes me feel scruffy, and that definitely impacts the choices I make.

Treat yourself

Biscuits I can take or leave, but I love chocolate. Previous diets have gone off track because of Cadbury’s cravings, so every night I have a small bar, factored into my daily points. This little indulgence keeps me on the wagon through the day, and I really look forward to my ‘Cup of tea and a Wispa’ once Harry is asleep.

If I didn’t have any, I’d be struggling more, but delayed gratification seems to give me something to focus on. Part of our daily routine now, I can’t imagine going without my evening treat now!

Plan everything

The old saying is never truer than when you’re trying to lose weight…. fail to prepare, prepare to fail. At the start of a new week I start planning our meals for the next one, order our ingredients in an online food shop, and then just add any extra household bits as the week goes by.

Even if to meet the minimum order value I just fill our online shopping cart with a bottle of champagne, I know I’ve got my convenient Saturday delivery slot secured, and I can order our real shop at a later date.

It’s safe to say I didn’t lose a jaw dropping amount of weight in February, but as I’m aiming for four pounds a month, I’m more than pleased with five and half. Slow and steady wins the race, and most importantly stays on track.

I’m sure March will have plenty of challenges in store for me, so I’ll be back with an update at the beginning of April!