Messy play Easter cards

March 27, 2018

A great rainy-day activity, our little one loves anything that involves getting messy. He really enjoyed the baby sensory classes we attended when he was younger, so I try to take inspiration from them, and come up with a messy play activity every so often.

With Easter less than a week away, it was the perfect excuse to get the paint out and make some cards. A really easy activity, you can tailor your little one’s involvement to their age.

To get started, I squeezed some yellow washable finger paint onto a piece of card, and then more or less left Harry to it…

As soon as the card was completely covered I switched for a new piece, then left each sheet to dry. To clean up, I gave him a bowl of warm soapy water to play with, which he had almost as much fun with as the paint.

Once dry, it was time to turn Harry’s works of art into cards. If you’re making them with an older toddler, they could join in with this part too.

Really easy, I just drew two circles on the plain side of the card, cutting them out to create my chick shape. Folded over, I left the card joined at the top of the chick’s head.

Then I used a drop of glue to stick on googly eyes, yellow feathers for wings, and drew on an orange beak.

Once dry, you’re done, as simple as that!

If you’re making cards with an older child, you could perhaps use double sided sticky tape rather than glue, making the activity easier for them.

With the left-over card I made a few little gift tags, gluing a small feather to the tiny chick’s tummy, drawing on its eyes and beak.

With the Easter holidays coming up, and spring on the horizon, this would be a great way to keep little ones busy…for a short while at least!