Nap time: From arms to cot, part 2

Nap time: From arms to cot, part 2

To quickly recap, in my last post we’d successfully made the transition from arms to pram, and we’d just started out with naps in the cot.

We’d started off well, so let me fill you in on how the week continued….


I’ve followed the same routine, and our baby boy fell asleep while having his bottle and was easily transferred into the cot with no fuss at all. So far so good, but he wakes up after forty minutes again. Hoping these short morning naps are all part of the transition, I get him up and continue with our day.

Afternoon nap time comes round again, and again he falls asleep while having his bottle, and is promptly popped in his cot. He doesn’t normally do this, and I think it’s to do with the nursery being dark and quiet. We have blackout curtains, and I’ve purposefully kept the lights dimmed.

Forty minutes later, he wakes in tears. I’m not sure if he’s upset or teething (Or both, or neither!) but I bring him downstairs for a cuddle.

Straight away he falls asleep in my arms, and it would be easy to think we’re back to square one. Reassuring myself that he must need a cuddle, I enjoy the moment instead. He wakes an hour later, much happier and full of giggles.


It seems forty minutes on the dot is our new morning nap routine. Perhaps he’s getting a better quality of sleep in the cot and doesn’t need any more.

Regardless of the reason, he makes it through to his afternoon nap with no problems, so I decide to trust his little body knows how much rest it requires.

We have a busy morning and afternoon, at playgroup and meeting a friend for coffee, so we’re non-stop until we make it home for nap-time. I follow the same routine, but Harry is wide awake and giggling away. I lie him down in his cot, and through the monitor I can hear him blowing raspberries for about ten minutes. Following that he has a bit of a shout but doesn’t cry (Much to my relief!)

It takes around fifteen minutes for him to unwind and fall asleep, but I suppose I’d be just the same if I was expected to doze off after a busy day. With my own problems falling asleep I can understand how he feels!

He sleeps for an hour in total, and I realise we’re half way through the week. Not half as traumatic as I was expecting, I’m hopeful that we might have cracked this (Fingers crossed!)


They say it takes three days for a baby to develop a habit, and I’m hopeful that we have another good day ahead. The quality of sleep Harry is getting must be so much better. His naps are shorter, but overall, he seems less tired.

Again we follow the same routine (I think I’ll describe it in a separate post, for anyone interested in details) but this time is not so easy. I lie him down, and again he starts to blow raspberries down the baby monitor. This continues for five minutes, and then he starts to cry. It’s horrible, but I can tell he isn’t crying from pain or being upset.

I can see him on the video monitor, crying out, then stopping to look round to see if it’s had any effect. At one point the cheeky monkey even smiles and laughs!

I really feel like he is testing this new routine, and that getting him out the cot would be a step back.

The stop-start crying/shouting finishes after around twenty minutes, and he peacefully falls asleep. Of course, he wakes up forty minutes later, on the dot!

I spend the afternoon feeling like nap-time is looming over us, and feel a sense of dread as three rolls round. Again, I follow the same routine, and we have an exact repeat of this morning. How can two days be so different?

He sleeps for just over a hour, and wakes up in a really happy mood. I on the other hand feel emotionally drained. I knew a new routine would have ups and downs, but after such a smooth start, I wonder if we’ve gone wrong somewhere.


It’s a new day, and after some thought, I decide to push his nap times back, trying half ten. Harry is normally a painfully early riser, getting us up at half five, but over the last week it’s been consistently quarter to seven. Is our new nap routine the cause?

At half ten Harry dozes off easily, starting to snooze towards the end of his bottle. Sleeping peacefully for an amazing two hours!

He’s full of energy and wide awake at his normal afternoon nap time, so I decide we’ll just keep going and see how he gets on without one… absolutely fine it turns out, and he easily lasts until his normal bedtime.

I think our baby boy is starting to make the transition from two to one naps, well and truly keeping us on our toes. When he went down from three naps to two it took a couple of months of to-ing and fro-ing, so I’m expecting much the same as he goes down to one.

All in all, this final transition from the pram to the cot hasn’t been half as traumatic as I expected. We have had a few tears, but I’m pretty sure it was Harry testing my resolve, rather out of any genuine upset or discomfort. The only perk of Harry having had colic, has been that I’ve always felt very in tune with his cries, confidently pin pointing his needs from the tone.

I’ve learnt a lot over the past few months, so I’ll be summing up in another post, as this one has got rather long.

If you’d like to read how we went from arms to pram, have a look at part one.