The ‘Feather & Down’ sleep diaries

The ‘Feather & Down’ sleep diaries

With a baby under one, it probably comes as no surprise that I’ve not had a good night’s sleep in quite some time. The only problem is, that our little boy isn’t the one who struggles to sleep through the night…it’s me!

We’ve had a bedtime routine since Harry was around eight weeks old, and since then he has tended to sleep from half seven, waking up any time between five and half six. Of course, we’ve had a few rocky nights, with teething normally to blame, but all in all we’ve been pretty lucky.

With a full nights sleep there for the taking, it seems ridiculous for me to be waking up anything less than refreshed. More often though, I’m shattered, with a night of tossing and turning to blame.

Challenged by Feather & Down to get a better nights sleep, I’ve kept a five day sleep diary to see if their award winning spray can work wonders….

Night one

I’ve made it to the weekend, and thank goodness, I’m shattered. Sleep was hard to come by last night, and it took a couple of hours for me to drop off.

We’ve spent the week stuck inside because of the snow, and cabin fever has translated to a busy mind come bedtime. Combined with my snoring husband, it took well over an hour for me to fall asleep, with a brief wake up around 3am for half an hour.

Our little one was up at half five, so it’s felt like we’ve had a very long morning. When nap time comes round our baby isn’t the only one to be dozing off. Early night on the cards for me!

Night two

All the parenting books say ‘Sleep breeds sleep’ and I manage to drop off fairly quickly for once, I wonder if my daytime doze should take the credit?

Despite falling asleep quickly, I wake up with a night terror around midnight. Quite frightening, I dream our little one has rolled off the sofa and is about to crash on the floor. I wake up to find I’m acting out my nightmare, grabbing at my husband, waking him up too. I’ve been having this type of dream for a few years now, sometimes I remember I’ve had one, and other times I don’t. I feel quite shaken following this one, and stay awake for around an hour.

Luckily it’s my morning for a lie-in, and I take the chance to re-coup some shuteye. I fall back to sleep, and wake up a couple of hours later, feeling a bit more refreshed.

Night three

Ready to put the sleep spray through it’s paces, I unpack the box I’ve been sent by Feather & Down, keeping my fingers crossed for some success.

Nicknamed “Sleep in a bottle” I’m feeling cautiously optimistic, as I spritz my pillow with the sweet dreams spray. Even if it doesn’t improve my sleep, at least it smells lovely.

Blended with calming lavender and chamomile essential oils, the scent fill the room, I read my book for a little while and then settle down to drop off to sleep.

Before I know it I’m waking up, hearing Harry chattering away through the baby monitor. It’s six, and I’ve had a full seven hours sleep.

I’m dubious whether it was the spray or the effects of sleep deprivation, but either way I’ll be trying it again tonight!

Night four

Ready for bed again, I spritz my pillow, and massage the sleep balm into my pulse points as instructed. While it takes me half an hour or so to fall asleep, I don’t feel as stressed about the situation. Mulling over the days events, I feel relaxed, rather than panicked that it’s going to take hours to drop off.

Eventually I do doze off, but the baby monitor springs into action around 2am. Harry has woken up upset, rubbing at his gums. After some cuddles and Calpol, he’s eventually back in his cot and back to sleep. Normally after an early hour’s wakeup I’d take a while to get back to sleep, but I’m straight back in the land of nod.

You’d think our baby boy would stay asleep a little longer to catch-up on the sleep he’s missed, but no, he’s up and awake at 6am on the dot.

Night five

I decide to truly put my trio from Feather & Down to the test, and have a bath using the shower cream I’ve been sent. Pillow spritzed, and balm massaged, I fall asleep easily again, crossing my fingers that our little one has a better night ahead.

This time it’s me waking up though, with another night terror. The episode feels different though. I don’t feel as panicked, and my heart isn’t racing as it normally does, luckily my husband hasn’t been woken up.

As I settle back down to sleep, I notice that he isn’t snoring and realise that he hasn’t for the last few nights. As I doze off, I wonder if it’s the spray that’s made a difference? Or has a deeper sleep meant that I’ve not been so easily disturbed. Either way, I couldn’t be happier!

All in all, I really believe the Feather & Down range has made a difference to my quality of sleep. In a study 84% of those using the spray over four weeks reported back with a more restful night’s sleep, and it looks like I’m lucky enough to have had an equally positive experience.

Since using the products, sleep is less elusive, my night terrors aren’t as frightening, and when I’m up with our little one I’m able to doze back off easily enough. My day time naps aren’t as essential, and all in all I’m feeling less exhausted and run-down.

It’s easy to underestimate the effect poor sleep has. It’s not just feeling a bit tired, it has a knock-on impact on your entire life. A can-do attitude turns into a can’t, and productivity quickly turns into procrastination. I’d recommend the Feather & Down range without hesitation to anyone struggling to fall asleep. Spritzing my pillow has quickly become part of my routine, and at the bargain price of just £7 it won’t be bankrupting me any time soon.