An easy DIY: Personalised wooden birthday bunting

April 23, 2018

I can’t quite believe I’m typing this, but our baby boy turns one this week! As warned, time has flown by, and our little newborn is turning into a toddler.

We’re celebrating with a Peter Rabbit themed birthday party, with plenty of Harry’s favourite things on hand to make the day even more special.

I’ve made bunting a couple of times now (Have a look at my Polaroid photo bunting and our Crafty Creatives Autumn Garland) and I have to say this one is my favourite. It’s such an easy, quick, purse friendly craft, and you’ll even be able to enjoy it year after year.

To start, I bought ten wooden MDF bunting flags on eBay, for £3.75. You can get a range of sizes and quantities, and any will work for this project. I also had on hand –

– Left over chalk paint
– Wallpaper samples & wrapping paper
– Twine
– Superglue
– Clear varnish spray

First things first, I painted both sides of each flag with chalk paint, doing a couple of coats for a neat finish. Once dry, it was time for the fun part…

I’d cut out curved triangle shapes from wallpaper samples and wrapping paper to decorate each flag. A little bit naughty, I’d requested some free swatches from John Lewis, choosing a couple of designs to match our Peter Rabbit theme. A sample size is more than enough paper for this project, and it certainly saved a few pennies….

I’d also very kindly been sent some gorgeous personalised wrapping paper from Pretty Gifted, reading ‘Happy First Birthday Harry.’ Beautiful quality, we were able to tweak the details ourselves, choosing the colour of the paper and text, as well as the font and size. We were even able to add a little birthday balloon icon to the design!

Once I’d positioned each design, I used superglue to secure them firmly in place. Once the glue was dry, I then coated both sides of each flag with clear varnish spray.

Lastly, all that was left to do was to string them together with twine. As simple as that, the bunting is done.

Currently hung over our fireplace, I’m hopeful that if the sun is shining we’ll be able to move it outside into the garden for Harry’s party.

Next year, it’ll be a simple case of just switching round the Peter Rabbit designs and wrapping paper, tweaking the bunting to Harry’s new favourite characters. I love that we’ll be able to re-use this bunting every year, creating a birthday tradition for our baby boy.